Saturday, January 24, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS, Nature Notes & I Heart Macro - Red flowing strawberries

Sorry I have been a sporadic blogger lately.
Summertime there is such a heavy load of dragging hoses 
to keep things alive that, with the heat and exertion,
I am usually too exhausted to get my brain back into gear.

Here is a recently acquired little darling that goes 
so well with my white flowering, old fashioned strawberries 
in the raised bed my grandson made for me.

They add such a nice touch of colour

and started bearing as soon as I put them in.

Here is the raised bed with a couple of very hot Thai chillies
in the centre, a couple of perpetual bearing spinach plants
that give me a good feed every couple of days,
red flowering strawberry on the left and a few
petunias for leavening.

Very soon the strawberries will take over,
they are already throwing out runners.

Gardening is really such fun!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

SkyWatch - Last night'd sky

This week the skies have been pretty ordinary,
uniformly grey or blue.

Last night we had this tiny touch of colour . . .
if you enlarge it you may see some interesting 
tints in the pink cloud

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

SkyWatch - Tonight's evening sky

Feeding and locking up the chickens at night has it's

I hope these clouds stick around for tomorrow,
temps. are set to skyrocket again

Westward sky across the paddock behind my house

our faraway paddock on the Eastern side
all lit up and pretty

the last rays of the sun catching one of the stock-water tanks.

Hope you all have easy weather to live with.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

OUR WORLD, Nature Notes & Wild Bird Wednesday - On the Strut

The imminent fire threat has passed
and I can now turn my attention to pleasanter things.
Thank you to all of you who cared what became of me 
during that stressful time.

A pair of peacocks strutting their stuff on my water tank.

Her Ladyship with her brilliant green neck
and rather drab coronet

his Lordship, magnificent even without his showy tail

together they make quite a pair

at the moment herself is sitting on a huge set of eggs
threatening a population explosion.

The older male cohabiting with us,
has become quite tame and comes up when I feed the
chickens and eats out of my hand.

It is rather nice to be feeding the chickens in their cage
with a peacock on one side and my dog on the other,
both waiting for their share.

Life is GOOD!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

OUR WORLD & SkyWatch - A fiery start to the New Year

The afternoon sun breaking through a smoke cloud
on the 3rd. January

the paddock behind my house

but the fire still was two townships away.
Next morning  there was just a small smoke cloud in the area and 
we thought the worst was averted

until late afternoon when there was smoke everywhere
and my daughter packed me into my car and 
sent me away to Angaston, 35 km away.

A lonely night in an old-fashioned hotel with no news
except for a text from my daughter that our local 
hospital had been evacuated and it was raining ash at home.
Since the power was out on the farm and due to the thick smoke
satellite reception for the mobile was intermittent,
it was hard to communicate with the children.

Had the situation not been so dire, I would have sought 
shelter at the hospital but that would not have been 
an option in this case.

a fiery sunset from the hotel car park
when I went to release my dog from the car and take
him for a walk.

Luckily the wind changed and I could go home yesterday 

For the moment the fire is being roughly contained but the 
hospital is still empty for the next few days
as the temperatures are soaring again tomorrow.
Lightning storms forecast for Wednesday with temps 
into the 40's C.

My car is packed, the few old photos, my husband's violin,
documents, my trinkets, receipts for the farm tax return, 
a few clothes, dog food and some art materials to ward off 
boredom during the time of uncertainty, and water.

I would prefer to stay and fight but he grandchildren 
don't want to have to worry about me as well as
fighting the fire and keeping the animals safe
if I hang around
and all I want, is for them to be safe.

What a start to the New Year

Hope yours was a little less dramatic!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas SkyWatch - Peace to the World

Wishes of Peace and Good Will
to all my blog friends, and everyone on this wonderful
Earth of ours.

Independent of your beliefs and whatever event
you celebrate at this time of the year,
may you all be blessed with peace and love
wherever you are.

the sky behind my house overlooking part of the farm

small portion of a 5 metre tree the grandchildren mounted 
and decorated
it is quite a splendid sight

the latest member of the family: 
my daughter's new sheep-dog,
a surprise present from her daughter

a tiny mite that instantly recognised her mistress
already (sometimes) sits on command
and speaks when asked (sometimes)

young Kubbie is growing quicker than grass
after just three days already dangles over the side of my lap
as I watch my granddaughter wrapping even more presents
to join those already banked under the tree

the little glass church that has graced some family Christmas
tree for some 50 years.
Luckily I shared my old decorations with my daughter
more than three decayed ago when mine were lost in the 
bushfire in the following year.

It is always a joy for me to see it in my daughter's house

I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as I had,
nothing to prepare, no tree to trim, just my presents to wrap 
and give lap room to the tiny puppy
and enjoy it all.

If you are travelling, or not, stay safe
this holiday season.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

OUR WORLD - Christmas madness

Recently I had occasion to be in a shopping mall
you could not see the merchandise for all the decorations

enough twinkle lights to blind the unwary

wreaths the size of small barns
floating overhead

it all put me to flight

on Saturday I had to do some shopping at a supermarket
and was overwhelmed by  columns of bears
almost twice my height

like rows and rows of soldiers bearing down on me . . .

needless to say, I fled in disorder

the spirit of Christmas was buried under
mountains of commercialism.

Whatever happened to Christmas with home made 
personalised presents and a few chocolate sweets for the children?

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