Saturday, April 18, 2015


Leave home for four days to enjoy the warmth to the desert
return to transformations at home

amazing what a few drops of rain will do

my chrysanthemum thinks it is Mothers' Day already

the paddock below my garden shows the faintest 
touch of green and the Wild Wood
is changing into it's golden mantle

the stocks that have given me joy all summer
are more vibrant and have embraced a self seeded
ruby chard in their midst

snapdragons have been joined by a lonely broad bean 
and carpet of parsley

I tend to leave thing where God plants them
they grow much better there and save me the trouble
of getting them established elsewhere

While the other half of the world is bursting into spring,
I am thoroughly enjoying being in the gentle season of
of autumn, cooler temperatures, rain and comfort food.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

OUR WORLD - Gin & Tonic in the Outback

A rare opportunity to head to the Outback
and settle on the porch with a G&T
as the desert light changes
over the diggings

yes, I had a rare chance to go to Andamooka again
where there are opal diggings in all directions

we found a welcome visitor in the house
a stumpy tail lizard who hat made himself quite at home 
being afraid he would not find enough food and drink inside,
I picked him up and took him outside

getting on in years and lacking driving endurance
I seldom get a wonderful chance like this
but when I do, I jump at it

walking among the old diggings
hoping to pick up an opal chip or two
and wondering whether it was worth
digging this Great Wall of China

it looked somehow as though all this effort had been in vain

it was only 4 nights away, 
two of them on the road
but so well worth it

if only to be away from home for a bit

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

SkyWatch - Odd, dynamic, promising?

Summer is gone and has sprung straight into winter
the electric blanket pre-heats my bed
the heater is stoked
we have already had a frost 
and my tomatoes get covered at night 
in case they still have a chance to ripen

the sky was fun to watch and very fast moving

streaming past or bubbling up like boiling water

a vague hope still burned but still no rain
. . . almost three months now
and  frost dries out the soil even more

hope you are all well
and also that I could get to blogging again
and start catching up on all your doings.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

SkyWatch -- the whirling world

As the world whirls

so do the clouds

Hope you are all having a wonderful time
wherever you are.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

SkyWatch - Just another splendid sunset

Clouds have been rare and sunset rainbows even rarer
as luck would have it, I got my second for the season

it helps to be out in the garden watering 
as the heat of the day fades

not a great big fat rainbow but a very welcome one

a pity the clouds were just sporadic,
we've had no rain for a long, long time

even without rain

the brilliant sky show was certainly enjoyable.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SkyWatch - Rainbow in the flames

The evening sky a sheet of flame in the East

some gentle colours in the North

dark smoky clouds lashed with flame 
in the West

Back to the fading colour in the East
where the rainbow still persists

 as the sinking sun paints gold and red
on the clouds in the West

sorry I have been absent for so long
life can at times be full of the unexpected.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

OUR WORLD - Petrel's Cove and wonder dog

Heading down the dry, dusty road 
definitely the road less travelled - not a car in sight

down on the toe of the Fleurieu Peninsula
lies the Victor Harbour, the Agapanthus and geriatric capital
 of the known universe

tourists come to whale watch, visit Granite Island,
the Bluff or, my favourite place
Petrel's Cove

not an appropriate beach for swimming, it has a wild rip 
where the green deep-water starts 
a man and his dog were safe in the shallow water
this side of the breakers,
very wise as two swimmers have already been lost this summer.

Young Kubbi, both protective and safe

I love these Lunar landscape rocks

 a good place to shelter from the wind

after a hard day of sleeping in the car on a long trip,
romping on two beaches, meeting two dogs
at afternoon tea and growing into those big, big paws,
Kubbi enjoys a nap before the long trip home.

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