Monday, January 18, 2016

OUR WORLD - Along the New Zealand coast

Heading further down the coast,
green grass and these twin oyster bays

a quaint house in Warrington

and a couple of shots of the splendid railway
station in Dunedin

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Monday, January 11, 2016

OUR WORLD & Good Fences - More wonderful New Zealand

Driving on, we found this wonderful place 
recently returned to the Maori people
who have put immense pride and toil
into, not only this magnificent hand carved 
entrance arch

but also into the kilometres of walking trails
over hills and dales and along the sea side

as you walk the trails, the sacredness of this
place oozed up throughout he soles of your feet

blood red flowers to remind one of the blood
shed here over the centuries

even the service area has a long log for the volunteers
to celebrate around the bonfire 

occasional shaved lawns giving a broad view
and a lovely place to picnic and listen to the 
native birds singing in the large shade giving trees

last, but certainly not least, this massive tract of land 
is surrounded by a seven foot high paling fence
forcing one to enter by the gate, that has a 
magical protective force. 

Walking through the entrance arch, there is a feeling of awe 
as you enter this sacred place.

I saw a number of cars turn back and go away
obviously not able to appreciate this place.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the way we travel.
We tend to avoid the large crowds and car parks 
of the usual tourist attractions
and follow up the gentle places of this world.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SkyWatch - Clouds over New Zealand

Still from the Land of the Long White Cloud

beautiful clouds and beaches everywhere.

Wishing I could of back again right away . . .
hope is a great thing

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

OUR WORLD - Hitting New Zealand's West Coast

After feasting our senses on these and more beauties

we head south and west to the South Pacific Ocean

a great spot to stretch our legs and enjoy the colours
of the open ocean

a magnificent beach and so very crowded

not just one or two pieces of driftwood to use as foreground!

Having filled our lungs with the sweet, pure air,
time to move onward.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday - Coastal birds, New Zealand

Staying on the water's edge at Akaroa, on the South Island
of New Zealand,
we had some visitors to help clean up our scrambled eggs

don't know which gull this is, I just know it is different 
to our silver gulls in Australia

sadly, the next morning we had to leave but at least the 
coastal scenery was beautiful
and all those specks at the water's edge are, surprisingly,
Canada Geese!

Introduced to the country in 1905 as game birds.

Sorry my iPhone could not do them justice.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

OUR WORLD and Nature Notes - Some little wonders in New Zealand

We arrived late and by the time we were out of the airport,
it was close to midnight.
Happily, Darling Daughter had booked us the most 
comfortable king-sized beds at the nearest hotel

After a blissful night, this bumble bee was busy at the
entrance as we waited for transport back to the airport
to pick up our car.

After a few hours of slow driving through flat, rather boring
country, we came upon this marvellous Japanese restaurant
at Ashburton. A find indeed, with authentic beyond delicious 
Japanese food. We were a bit late for lunch but they 
very kindly kept the Restaurant open for us 
so we could fully enjoy our meal.

it was so delicious I did not even think of taking a photo
until we were halfway through our meal.
I stil salivate just thinking about it.

DD, who organised the whole trip, is a seasoned traveller
and knows when to stop an stretch one's legs to ward 
off fatigue

we stopped by a railway line, under some beautiful oaks
and although it was not such a great spot for stretching one's
legs, there was much to discover and appreciate in the grass

tiny lawn daisies

red clover

a sea of baby oaks

some roadside weeds glowing like miniature suns

and this interesting flower which neither of us was 
acquainted with and much much more
(this plant has now been identified by Sweetpea
in my comments. Thank you Christ.))

a short stop, but so refreshing for the soul.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday - Chaffinch in NZ

Birding with only an older iPhone is not ideal
but even so, I was happy to nab this cute little chap.

The Chaffinch is an introduced bird in New Zealand 
but, unlike the house sparrow, is such a nice songster 

A few other birds from my trip may follow.

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