Saturday, July 11, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Winter cheer

Even in the midst of anAntarctic blast
chilling us to the bone

Mother Nature gives us the joy
of the Flinders Ranges Wattle, Acacia iteaphylla,
to brighten our day.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SkyWatch - A Solstice rainbow

Back from the desert to the cold, cold, cold of the farm

the nights were cold in the desert too, but it was a dry cold
with incredibly clear skies
where the milky way was visible
from horizon to horizon

the pot of gold, or opals
at the other end

a heartwarming Solstice fire as the temperature
started dropping
and a rum toddy may have been
more fitting than our, none the less enjoyable G&T

while the sun slipped gently down into the red soil

Pure enjoyment, what a life!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

SkyWatch - Back for a brief post

Autumn came and went, we had a little rain

My granddaughter cut and stacked wood for me

 the lovely apples from my seedling tree were harvested

reflections of opposing windows 
turned my bedroom into a jungle

the cows broke through the fence into the paddock
behind my garden

a last carpet of gold on the way to my plastic surgeon

sorry, no face lift, just a cyst removed from my eyelid
and a doughnut plastered on my face

my globe artichokes have been a dream and are still producing
in the darkest part of the year

and plentiful fruits of the forest . . . yum

my garden keeps me in potatoes, spinach, chard, silver beet,
globe artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes with beetroot, radishes 
and broad beans thriving

even with some very painful and expensive root canal treatments
as well as the death of my 24 year old, much beloved car,

Off to the desert again tomorrow.
Who knows, I may put up another post on my return.

Stay happy and enjoy the life you have.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

OUR WORLD & Nature Notes - The colours of autumn

Stirling main street transformed from a barren sealed road
wide enough to land a Jumbo jet on
into this magnificent sight that now attracts tourists to it's 
autumn festival.

Forty four years ago a band of conservationist fought 
tooth and nail to preserve the last remaining oaks in the main 
street, against a Council that wanted to create more parking 
places in front of the shops.

Somehow, with getting the media on side,
we got our way and the council consented to us planting
an avenue of Liquid Ambers along the main shopping strip.
My daughter still proudly points to the tree she 
planted as a 10 year old.

This is one of the highest rainfall areas in the state,
where the trees do not lose their leaves until they have
displayed their full glory.

Finally the Council saw sense, built car parks
behind the shops and added beautiful plantings along the road.
Now it is a pleasure to shop and walk there and there is still 
some discreet parking along the roadway.

A perfect place for an autumn ramble and to pop into 
Matilda's Book Shop to pick up a book or three . . .

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  OUR WORLD & Nature Notes

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Leave home for four days to enjoy the warmth to the desert
return to transformations at home

amazing what a few drops of rain will do

my chrysanthemum thinks it is Mothers' Day already

the paddock below my garden shows the faintest 
touch of green and the Wild Wood
is changing into it's golden mantle

the stocks that have given me joy all summer
are more vibrant and have embraced a self seeded
ruby chard in their midst

snapdragons have been joined by a lonely broad bean 
and carpet of parsley

I tend to leave thing where God plants them
they grow much better there and save me the trouble
of getting them established elsewhere

While the other half of the world is bursting into spring,
I am thoroughly enjoying being in the gentle season of
of autumn, cooler temperatures, rain and comfort food.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

OUR WORLD - Gin & Tonic in the Outback

A rare opportunity to head to the Outback
and settle on the porch with a G&T
as the desert light changes
over the diggings

yes, I had a rare chance to go to Andamooka again
where there are opal diggings in all directions

we found a welcome visitor in the house
a stumpy tail lizard who hat made himself quite at home 
being afraid he would not find enough food and drink inside,
I picked him up and took him outside

getting on in years and lacking driving endurance
I seldom get a wonderful chance like this
but when I do, I jump at it

walking among the old diggings
hoping to pick up an opal chip or two
and wondering whether it was worth
digging this Great Wall of China

it looked somehow as though all this effort had been in vain

it was only 4 nights away, 
two of them on the road
but so well worth it

if only to be away from home for a bit

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

SkyWatch - Odd, dynamic, promising?

Summer is gone and has sprung straight into winter
the electric blanket pre-heats my bed
the heater is stoked
we have already had a frost 
and my tomatoes get covered at night 
in case they still have a chance to ripen

the sky was fun to watch and very fast moving

streaming past or bubbling up like boiling water

a vague hope still burned but still no rain
. . . almost three months now
and  frost dries out the soil even more

hope you are all well
and also that I could get to blogging again
and start catching up on all your doings.

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