Thursday, September 18, 2014

SkyWatch - A bit of weather coming in . . .

Heading towards Port Augusta we had just a little weather 
coming up
so I did just a little drive-by shooting

looking towards the Flinders Ranges

and the other way towards Spencer Gulf

they looked just a little bit threatening
and when they closed up
we were in for a downpour and had to crawl until 
we had passed through the storm
not exactly ideal
as we were nearing our stop for the night and it had been 
a looong day sitting in the car

since I'm still here, we did get there safely.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - Crested Pigeons

At the Port Augusta Arid Lands Botanical Gardens
the bird life was prolific

I have loads to post over a number of weeks

These crested pigeons were out for a stroll

attending to some adjustments in their plumage

and off on the strut again . . .

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Our World Tuesday - Heading North

Just back from a wonderful trip up north
to the desert country

there may be quite a few instalments if anyone
is interested

first destination was Port Augusta
but here are  few pictures on the way there

Pink Lake at Lochiel

drinking in the sight of the colourful lake

a wattle in full bloom

the many shades of wonder of the lake and beyond

a rather unfortunate sign
the normal understanding of 'at large' 
usually refers to escaped convicts or wild beasts

an overgrown garden
around a deserted house

that obviously had seen better days

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS, I Heart Macro, Nature Notes & OUR WORLD - Surprises

The only patch of blue from my prison window last week
and even for that, I had to get out of bed
and squeeze myself sideways against the window
and point my iPhone at an odd angle 
to catch it.

An unexpected three days in a couple of hospitals for tests
kept me grounded for a bit
but here I am again

it was almost worth being away to come home to 
full-blown Spring when we were still in official Winter

suddenly all fruiting trees had put on their finery
Prunus, above

Bridal Veil swaying in the breeze

my once perfectly kept garden
did me proud with a show of beauty among the weeds

Prunus and Almond hiding the paddock behind

Almond blossom, all are much bette enlarged

double flowering plum
and below, a dessert plum on the espalier

a joyful homecoming indeed!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - More Sydney Birds

Still in the same area as the cemetery below,
a Currawong
but a different Currawong than near George's River further
south or those on the North Shore or even in my son's garden.

These are slightly smaller and have much more white on them.
The normal Currawong is a black or grey bird with a white 
rim to the tail. The call is also distinctly different.

I have experience four different Currawong languages 
in different parts of the city.

I spotted this dove in the cemetery, see previous post,
it seemed rather fitting and so much nicer than one of stone.

I also saw a kite obviously going to it's nest in the rocks 
above the crashing sea,
it was much too fast for me to get it in my sights.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

OUR WORLD - Cemetery at a Sydney Suburb

On my last day in Sydney, my son dropped me of here
so I could take the cliff walk to Bronte beach 
while he and grandson went for their daily swim 
in the sea.

8 kilometres from the CBD of this multi-million city 
 is this historic old cemetery in the
suburb of Clovelly

it is extensive in size, covering two hillsides

mausoleums and an occasional palm tree 
vary the never ending gravestones

the whole is situated on prime real estate with extensive views
for the dead to enjoy

a pleasant and restful place for a protracted walk
with the occasional angel
to keep one company

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Almond Blossom Time

Spring has sprung although the calendar does not as yet
say so
the sun rises just after seven, the soil is drying out
the garden needs watering
and the almond blossoms are in full splendour

the blossoms are not as plentiful as usual as we had
a small flowering in autumn and the parrots
have nipped off a lot of buds in the winter

they look so pretty against the sky

their pink reverses show up well against the grass

and aren't they little beauties up close
and personal?

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