Monday, April 5, 2010

MY WORLS ~ Selective Vision

Milkmaids thriving in a long forgotten garden where long ago
a homestead stood.

The sad remains of my erstwhile pride and joy, my spring and
summer flwer beds.

Drought can be devastating, it took two thirds of my garden,
trees, shrubs and all my perennials.
The large expanse of cut, dry grass in front of the few remaining
espaliered fruit trees, once was my thriving berry patch. Raspberries,
strwberries, blueberries and currant bushed, the joy of marauding
grandchildren. Now there is nothing there, even the cherry trees died.

From fifty years of collecting oldfashioned plants, striking
cuttings from old gardens before the bulldozers moved in,
nothing remains. Even the succulents are in a sorry state.

Now, I am too frail to replant and create a new paradise around
us and yet you may wonder that I post roses galore, floweing
bulb and a few other hardy survivors.
The simple explanation is selective vision. The Prof sees wrecker's
yards and landscapes bristling with power lines, while I am
enchanted by a lone magnolia peeping over a fence or a single
sunflower in the rank grass near a block of flats. The choice is ours,
we see the beauty or the beast and so I choose to show you whatever
little joy has unfurled its petals for my delectation and always have
something, no matter how small, for my camera to capture.
Even weeds can be beautiful, let alone my remaining
roses in full flight!

All photos enlarge for a bigger picture.
Thank you dear MY WORLD Team for still hosting this meme.


  1. You chose to see the beauty and that is much more satisfying than to dwell on what might have been.

  2. Hello Arija,
    With drought is so sad and so hard watch life leave the beauty of our world. I love that you focus on the beauty that is still for you to enjoy and that you then share it with us. Beauty through your eyes always touches my heart!

  3. Beautiful and moving post, Arija, and how true! Beauty is where we choose to see it! Your roses are gorgeous! Hope your week goes well!


  4. It is a pity that with your garden but you are right: you can always find beauty to capture, no matter how small, if you have the eye for it. Your rose photo is lovely.

  5. Been a long time I visited...always a pleasure coming by even though yours speak of autumn and a little bit of sadness...we're on the opposites of the world so let me share a few cheer with mine! :) Take care...

  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.When one looks for beauty it can be seen almost anywhere.I trust your days will be filled with beauty,without and within.

  7. I love your positive spirit, Arija. And so sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful garden.

  8. It must be hard to watch your garden wither away like that; yet lucky for us that you are blessed with the vision that you have.

  9. Oh dear Arija - it is frustrating getting old and not being able to garden isn't it. There was a day when I could work the soil from dawn to dusk and love every minute of it. But we have to accept our limitations don't we? And those roses are wonderful. Your milkmaids are interesting - we have a flower which we call milkmaid but it is quite different - I love these old colloquial names, don't you.

  10. That is a good lesson and one I need to take to heart and remember.. Thank you....Michelle


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