Monday, March 10, 2014

OUR WOLD - Strawberry Jam

The summers gone but I still managed to get enough to make
some jam for my eldest (married) granddaughter who 
just loves the stuff

all cut up

and bubbling in the pot

and the finished product, two and a half kilos of strawberries 
make six and a half jars 
(I know one is already missing, G-d loves it with her yoghurt)

sometimes I think I'm a little crazy, the jam I make works 
out at being a little more expensive than the best quality
bought version 

but then, mine only contains organic strawberries and sugar

time for elevenses, strawberry jam on toast with a
glass of milk, yummm . . .

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  1. Oh, YUM indeed!!! I'm ready for some of that right now!! Fun post for the day, Arija!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Enjoy!

  2. Yum indeed. And your insanity is shared. My tomato chutney costs more than any I have ever bought - but the taste leaves it for dead. And I am sure that is also true of your strawberry jam. I am not a big fan of jam but have a recipe for raspberry jam which, if ever I have a surplus of the divine berry, I will try.

  3. OK,now I am seriously wanting some fresh strawberry jam. This looks so good,I can almost taste it.

  4. Looks wonderful! We are just now coming into strawberry season here and I'm looking forward to making some jam too, YUM

  5. Oh, I was saying on another blog today that you don't make strawberry jam from scratch because its less expensive. You do it because its better and worth every cent. Good for you.

  6. How very delicious.

  7. Bliss! We make bug batches of jam once every two years!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Oh course the homemade jam will be better than the bought variety, Arija. It looks yummy. Have a great day, dear friend, Jo xxx

  9. Oh, I can all but taste the wonderful goodness, that jam looks wonderful...what a sweetheart you are to have prepared it for giving away...Hugs~

  10. mmmmmmm; looks so good and I know it tastes great!

  11. Lots of jam gets made here too - six different kinds last year, and it's delicious in the middle of winter.

  12. Oh that looks so good and brings back lovely memories. I am sure it tastes wayyy better than any you could buy. It's that added ingredient (love)!

  13. There is not a single bought jam in the world that tastes as good as home made!

  14. and yours is made with love - which makes all the difference


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