Monday, November 3, 2008


"A funny bird is the pelican,
his beak holds more than
his belly can".
Ogden Nash

Pelicans, mainly young birds
photopraphed at Henley Beach,
Adelaide, SouthAustralia at sunrise.

Reflecting on their own reflections

A wealth of hungry birds surrounding
a generous old fishing couple who
shared their catch.

Waiting for the old people to arrive

Well fed and laughing at the free breakfast.

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  1. Love the reflections! Cool that you're participating!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Awesome shots! I really like the reflections in the wet sand

  3. I’ve never seen Pelicans in private and also only one time in a year I have opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea so that these series photos of yours are very attractive to me and so inviting.
    I like all the photos very much but especially the first photo with a pelican that looks like posing for you and the one with birds in the air; you caught them right on time. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and for you nice comment you left on my blog.

  4. It has been sooooo long since I've seen the seashore. Your photos make me want to see it even more.

    An Arkie's Musings

  5. Great shots! I think my favorite is the last one - they remind me of the kids that we had running to our door Trick-or-treating on Friday evening.
    Well done!

  6. Now that would be something - to toss a fish into a pelican's...hmmm, what exactly do you call that thing? Pouch?

  7. A beaut series of photos of the Pelicans. They are such interesting birds.

  8. Great shots !
    Those birds are beautiful !

  9. I love the way you captured the movement of the birds and any photo with birds is a good photo to me..

  10. Nice shot Arija. Our family has added another line to the verse you quoted, "I just don't know how the hell he can". :)

  11. Wonderful photos! Thanks so much for adding to Bird Photography Weekly!

    Good birding to you!

  12. I love the "laughing pelicans" shot. I've heard of laughing gulls before, but never pelicans!

    Great images, Arija!

  13. Oh - I just love these shots - I am so partial to Pelicans and I just love the reflections you've managed to capture in the sand too!

  14. I love these photos! It's such a beautiful scene.

  15. Love the pelicans! I found one yesterday on a lake in a park..a long way (50km)from the sea!


  16. I love the pelicans, they are spectacular to one who lives in Ireland!


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