Sunday, May 22, 2011

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Flowers of a Warmer Climate

Arriving at our son's house in Sydney NSW, we were greeted
by a carpet of pink and white petals. Sydney was a-wash with
Camellias in every possible shape,

here as a hedge. At other places as large trees or even topiaries.

Everywhere these exquisite blooms in pink and white!

I will disappear off the radar again from dawn tomorrow until I
can find another connection so please leave some comments even
though I cannot visit until we get home in a few days time I hope.

All photos enlarge as usual.

Thank you Luiz for this great meme, I hope any visitors here will also
join in through the Logo on my side bar.


  1. Arija, you write like my mother spoke...
    thanks fro sharing photos, texts and good impressions in my mind
    nice sunday

  2. they are just lovely. happy travels, once again!

  3. Arija, the photos are wonderful. The Camellias are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  4. The camellias at your son's house are gorgeous. I also love the way his house looks nestled in all that beautiful growth.

  5. These are such beautiful flowers.It must be amazing to see them all over.Hope your days go well.

  6. Whether on the bush or on the ground, the Camellia are lovely, Arija. I believe you're traveling -as I am - safe trip to you!

  7. Gorgeous flowers and photos as always, Arija! Good to see you! Between your travels and Bloggers various illnesses lately, I haven't been able to visit your blog as often as I like! Hope all is going well! Enjoy the remainder of your trip! Stay safe and well!


  8. such lovely blossoms and petals, safe and wonderful journey to you.

  9. Awash with beautiful colours - Travel safe!

  10. Beautiful flowers, and I bet the fragrance was memorable. So glad you are having a restful time Arija.

  11. Gorgeous snaps. Have a safe travel. :)

  12. Hello, hello, hello, my wandering muse!

    Camellias are so beautiful. My parents have a large shrub in their garden. Even the leaves are wonderful.

    And I LOVE the guardian angel watching over you in the previous post! That gave me a HUGE smile!

    Stay well. Watch where you step. Hope to see your blip on the radar again soon.



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