Monday, October 7, 2013

OUR WORLD & Nature Notes - A Different Perspective

Last week I went to visit a dear friend in Waikerie 
on the Murray River.

I took the upper road along the river, with views of the swollen
river on one side and dry-land farming on the other.

It is a hundred mile trip one way so I stopped to stretch my legs
and met this sweet little stunted succulent plant with the prettiest
little flowers.

The last ten miles were through citrus groves and the air was 
drenched with the heady, heavy scent of blossom.
I rolled down all the windows and became saturated  and almost
overpowered by the pervading perfume.

At my friend's orchard the oranges were heavy with fruit and
covered in blossom.

Her little dog Muffy came along everywhere we went

and as soon as they were let out, the Guinea Fowl made a sprint
for the orchards

Orchids in the shade-house as we headed back for a cup of tea.

Laden with fruit and tired from the 200 mile drive in one day,
I got home to my very different farm well after dark, 
a very happy bunny indeed.


  1. HI Wow! That was quite a long trip for 1 day and I am sure although happy you were tired. Lovely to see those oranges and Orchids and of course the dog.

  2. It does look like a fun trip -- even if it was a long one!! I, too, love the oranges, orchids and doggie and you did get great pics of them all!! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you're getting out and about these days. I think the healing has begun! Have a beautiful week!

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful scenery along the way.

  4. Succulents have such amazing flowers and the appear so unexpectedly. You description of the orange grove makes me hungry for an orange :-)

  5. I am so glad. It does look like a marvellous (albeit exhausting) trip.
    And you are right about the intoxication of citrus blossom - a person nearly drowns in it.

  6. What a nice daytrip . It is good to get a different perspective and 100 miles usually will do just that! We drive through citrus farms often when we're in Florida -- I do know just what you mean.

  7. I can't think of a better scent to be surrounded by than citrus. So nice to get out for the, long, day and visit a friend.

  8. Pure delight, these images. Those oranges look delicious.

  9. Sounds like it was just the sort of day you needed Arija ... wonderful orrange blossom fragrance wafting on the air .... a real treat.

  10. What a treat for your senses, Arija! Definitely worth the trip/

  11. Pretty drive you've shared. And not only great photos, but your commentary took me into each and every turn!!

  12. looks as though you've had a thoroughly wonderful day Arija!

  13. A long trip, but by the looks of your photos, well woth it!

  14. I love succulents, Guinea Fowls and orchids! :-)

  15. What a nice trip! The orange blossoms sounds lovely. Muffy is a cutie and I love the Guinea too. Thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy week!

  16. Sounds like a great time! I can imagine the orange scented air!

  17. I am so glad you were able to get out for this little jaunt!

  18. Oh that is a long trip... But a lovely springtime trip.... Michelle


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