Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nature Notes - What on Earth is going on?

Already winter and finally the spiders 
are starting to spin webs

early morning light refracting 
in the droplets of dew

making them blush in their exposed beauty

My tulips and anemones are up, the first jonquil is
flowering and butterflies are still active.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere,
it would equate to a all this happening on the 
1st of December!

Hope things are 'normal' wherever you are,
they certainly aren't here.

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  1. Same spider web in my garden this morning - although no butterflies. This week end is supposed to be the start of the snow season - really! No hope.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. We had such a warm Autumn and everything seemed to be out of kilt for a while - no jonquils here yet. Trees have mostly lost their leaves, haven't seen a butterfly for a while now and winter arrived the other day!
    Take care

  3. Hi Arija The webs are very beautiful and the pink glow on them makes them exquisite. Glad you flowers re starting to bloom.

  4. Great captures of those spider webs!

  5. wow! nature is trying to say something is off!

  6. Terrific captures, Arija! I love the webs!! Everything is weird here this year -- or maybe it's just me???

  7. The webs are superb. Lovely macro of the butterfly.
    Not too normal here. It's 33C, and humid, and you know what part of Canada I live in.

  8. I really don't think there is anything in the whole of nature which is any more beautiful than a spider's web.

  9. Beautiful pictures, but that is a little scary. I suspect the answer to your title question is the same the world over. (Our house and most of Florida will probably fall into the ocean before it is all over, but I probably won't quite live to see it. .)

  10. Brilliant capture of the web. The same weirdness is happening here. We have jonquils and anenomes out. The crocus has been and gone!!! Some of the christmas cactus is in flower too.

  11. You captured the exquisite beauty of those spider webs so well.

  12. the colour play on the webs it fantastic Arija

  13. Love the spider webs! Gorgeous shot of the butterfly! I thought they would be migrating? Have a happy day!

  14. Beautiful shots of the webs! Well done!

  15. Amazing shots of the web and also lovely flowers and butterfly.

  16. Beautiful web photos.... That looks like a monarch butterfly! Beautiful!.... Michelle

  17. Amazingly beautiful and well shot.

  18. Wonderful photos of the spider webs!!

  19. Great pictures from the spider webs - so stunning!

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