Thursday, October 2, 2014

SkyWatch Friday - The heavens helped me celebrate

Last week around this time it was my birthday,
as the cricket score would say 78 not out.
Contrary to doctors' expectations,
I have outlived their predictions 
by eleven years and counting . . .

even the heavens seemed to celebrate 

a late  afternoon rainbow
spanning the farmyard

what better birthday present is there?

Actually there was, DD* took me for a picnic morning tea
at Jenkins Scrub where the wild orchids were in bloom
and while we wandered there
suddenly, our of the bushes came my son and his 
elder daughter who had flown over from Sydney
to surprise me.

I felt I was the luckiest of mortals to have 
so many dear ones around me.

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* DD = darling daughter


  1. Wow, so ein Regenbogen ist wirklich was schönes!
    Happy Birthday, Arija, even if in delay...

  2. Happy, Happy Happy belated Birthday Arija. I hope it was Joyful and that you have many more!!!!! xo Gwen

  3. how very awesome! sweet surprises for you all around!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday indeed, Arija!!! And it does sound as though you had a wonderful one and, yes, many more to come!! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world, as always!!

  5. Happy belated birthday dear Arija. What a wonderful surprise for you. Thanks for sharing your skies and experience. Blessings, Jo

  6. Happy belated Birthday! A rainbow is the most special of gifts right next to family.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday. I am glad your family took time to celebrate you.

  8. What glorious gifts of love, of caring, and of beauty.
    Happy belated birthday.

  9. I am so happy that you are proving those doctors wrong.
    Such a sweet universal gift, the rainbow! And your family surprising you like that makes me smile and smile. xo

  10. What precious gifts to receive. May there be many more rainbows and visits from family.

  11. What a special birthday you had:) A happy belated one! And have a great time in Australia!

  12. How delightful to spend your day with your children and see a rainbow too!

  13. And as Geoffrey Boycott would say "If you've got to 78 what's to stop you getting a century!"
    I would wish you a belated happy birthday but it's obvious that you've already had one.

  14. Orchids, rainbows and family - not a bad trifecta all in all!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. Beautiful rainbow ! and happy belayed birthday !

  16. This is the kind of birthday present I appreciate - when Mother Nature offers a gift. Beautiful rainbow.

  17. Fabulous rainbow and happy birthday!!!

  18. Oh Wow! Lovely shots and love the rainbow! Thanks for 'visiting'.

    artmusedog and carol ~ A Creative Harbor

  19. Be very happy as God is celebrating with you.

  20. Oh, Arija! I am so happy for you! Happy Birthday! and thank you for your kind offer on my blog, but I will be fine. Gus will buy me a new camera and lens as soon as I figure out what I want!

  21. You are blessed and you deserve to be. There could not be a more perfect birthday celebration. Happy Year!

  22. What wonderful surprises.
    Happy belated birthday, Arija!


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