Saturday, May 3, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - A few roses from my garden

Look what the rain brought me, 
masses of roses in my overgrown back garden

'La Sevilleana' front left
flanked by Mt.Shasta, a wonderful long stemmed
big bloomed rose, perfect for cutting
and a strong, hardy, tall grower

left, a beautiful pale pink rose
I have had for over 40 years
a gift from 'Pappy' Kemp
a wonderful Nursery man.

The year he was dying, Pappy gave me a number of bare-rooted
roses.We were newly moved into our 3 acre garden and I had no
place to plant them yet. Pappy just said " pop 'em in anywhere
gorgeous, if they grow,enjoy 'em if they don't,
don't worry about it"!

Our garden is on a mountain ridge, so any good soil I managed
to make, washed down into the fertile valley.

Well, two of those roses have survived. This pale pink one
I shifted to my farm garden and always fondly remember
old Pappy he was like a father to me in that last year
and I was a replacement for his daughter who lived far away
and whom he deeply missed , , ,

You may by now have notice that I love roses.
All mine have been selected by 'nose'.
In fact, most of the plants, except for vegetables,
were selected for their scent.
Don't get me wrong, where plants are concerned, 
I have very catholic tastes, 
I love them all.

Beautiful when dry and beautiful when wet and pink spotted
from the Antarctic blast we are having.

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  1. A walk through your rose garden must be delightful.I love roses as well,but am not good at growing them.

  2. Gorgeous. Like your garden(s).
    Pappy sounds like a lovely man - and I am glad that you found each other.

  3. Beautiful roses. It is so disappointing when you get roses and they don't smell! What is the point of that?

  4. Beautiful your header as well

  5. The rain has done wonders. Your roses look amazing.

  6. What a wonderful place!! I'd love to be there!!

  7. oh my goodness what beautiful roses you have in your garden... i sure you never tire of walking through your garden morning or evening... have a great day~

  8. The love between you and Pappy seems to have grown into such beautiful roses. Thank you for sharing your lovely memory and roses.


  9. How I would love walking through your fragrant gardens Arija! I'm so happy you are receiving the rain you need. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  10. You have very wonderful garden!

  11. I love your garden and those shots are so pretty! Love the last photo. Amazing details. #IHeartMacro

  12. A bonanza of blooms - some bringing back fond memories. You're surrounded by scent and color, Arija.

  13. I'm enjoying your roses. Our roses in Tulsa are expiring from some disease.

  14. Always a joy to see your splendid blooms down yonder. I take water a bit for granted here [lately, it does not know how to STOP raining] but I can appreciate the rosy needs on your side of the globe.

    All keen gardeners should have a "Pappy" in their lives ;>]

  15. Love the story of Pappy -- so glad a couple of the roses survived -- such sweet memories they bring, along with their sweet scents. (And roses aren't roses to me unless they have that wonderful scent!)

  16. Wunderschön! So viele Rosen! Was für eine Pracht!

  17. What a wonderful eye-full of color!

  18. A most beautiful gift and memory all the more for the senses.

  19. You have so a beautiful garden, Arija!

  20. Such beautiful roses! Sigh. Love and light dear lady xo

  21. What a lovely reminder of Old Pappy. Your rose garden is spectacular Aija. Thanks again my friend :)

  22. Your roses are to die for! I would be out with them all day if they were in my yard! I'm wondering if you ever dry the petals?


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