Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday ~ Ducks Dabbling at Dam

It is winter, it is cold but with a little water about, the ducks
are thinking of the mating season to come.

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  1. THis is a lovely picture.

  2. Such a great shot! It is hard to believe you are complaining about the cold, when we are having another heat wave...
    Glad you are still in the land of the living!!

  3. That's a good sign of spring.

  4. Nice photo. It reminds me of the two ducks I saw yesterday near beside the road

  5. really beautiful picture ;) gorgeous! nice day for you ;)

  6. This photo would make one super jigsaw puzzle.

    My Wednesday post if about a song in my heart...do drop by if you can. Here's the link

  7. Looks like the water is down, but the ducks look happy though!
    Great water shot!

  8. I had to giggle at your comment on my blog... oh yes, I had read jane Eyre before. It was my favourite book. I just reread it for my classics book club and found it too be even better than I remembered!

  9. It always gives me a bit of a jolt to hear you talk of winter when we are sweltering here in the desert! What an interesting world we live in. I'm so glad that we can be friends from opposite ends of the earth!

  10. Beautiful reflections, the ducks as if dancing on the horizon.

  11. Hi Aria, this photo is beautiful; I especially like the reflection in the water.
    I didn't know you were so ill...I am so sorry, but happy that you are at your home now and feeling better. What I wish for you from the bottom of my heart is complete recovery.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I do appreciate it very much as well as your time you found for visiting.
    Take care,


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