Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have posted photos of this gate before but from inside the
garden. This time I am showing it to you from the paddock.
Since there were no cows there, the roses bloomed in great
profusion. They have stretched themselves a long way along
the fence.

The black hole is all that is left of the gate and archway. Now
I have to almost go on all fours to exit the garden that way.
Looks like I will have to mount a serious attack with the
pruning shears next autumn.

Moving in a little closer, does anyone volunteer to count the
number of blooms on the whole rose?

Moving closer still, one little bract of blooms is a whole bouquet.

Enlarged they give you a better idea of what they look like and
the last picture will let you see the roses in almost actual size.

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My thanks to Luiz Santilly Jr. who hosts this meme as well as his helpers
in its smooth running.

And thank you Luiz for having me as guest friend.


  1. Wow, they are so pretty! I've never seen such plentiful blooms like these, it's must really lovely being there.

  2. That is quite a rose. A little bit of a thorny situation.

  3. Hi Arija
    Wonderful post for TODAY'S FLOWERS!
    Thanks for your support.


  4. I can only imagine the delicious aroma Arija. Absolutely beautiful. I'm envious...
    Have a wonderful week-end.

  5. You will never know how good it was to see this lovely rose today Arija, when the weather here is cold and icy.

  6. wow, it's gorgeous! i bet the scent here is quite lovely, too.

  7. I love this entrance. The roses are very beautiful and there is something enchanting to me about entrances covered in flowers. Also, the water lily you posted as guest host today is fantastic.

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love roses and to have that many would be a thrill.Thanks for sharing yours with me.

  9. So pretty!

    My Flower entry, have a blessed Sunday!

  10. Gorgeous roses, such a beautiful color! And there are a LOT of them! Really terrific and how delightful they must smell! Marvelous captures as always, Arija!!


  11. Wow! What a gorgeous display of roses. The vines are so big and looks so wonderful.

  12. Arija this rose hedge is SO gorgeous, I could smell it from here. Ah, what rain will do. Your blossoms are spectacular this year. Might be fun to sit under the rose arch for a while.

  13. So beautiful my friend.. it made me feel warm on this cold snowy day... hugs.. Michelle

  14. Beautiful Arija and so many blooms. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. Blessings, Jo

  15. A beautiful bunch! growing them up there looks romantic!

  16. Hi Arija,
    queste foto non hanno bisogno di commenti per quanto sono belle.
    Peccato non poter sentire il profumo di queste rose !
    Buona serata :)

  17. OMGosh! It is so beautiful, Arija. Look at those roses. So abundant. It is your symbol! Every time I see a rose, I think of you. Tsup!

  18. Que lindas flores! Voc~e vai ter pena de podá-las!

  19. That is one happy rose bush! It's gorgeous.

  20. This is magnificent, so many of them. Very pretty.

  21. Wow. What a beautiful archway. What a mysterious tunnel, too! Time and nature are a wonderful team.

  22. I like the way you show the beauty of this lovely rose bush. This is a real treat to my eyes after foggy and cold weather that are lasting for days over here. I am happy to know that you are safe from the terrible floods. I am horrified by the news that I can see on the TV about towns and cities flooded in Queensland.

  23. ohh! I think that looks pretty cool- and yeah, i bet the smell is just awesome!

  24. Oh I am so happy to see your blooming bountiful roses, Arija..
    They were there waiting all the time...

  25. Wow...what a bounty of roses! So gorgeous. I would have trouble cutting them back even when I knew it was necessary :-) The color of them is just beautiful.


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