Sunday, January 30, 2011


Fresh flowers in my en suite, happy and vibrant, exuding their
sweet scent one day

and tired and wilted the next. My little bathroom is the coolest
room in the house but with temperatures in the 40'sC, nothing
lasts . . .

The same for the freshly picked lilies in my bedroom. Full of
life and most wonderfully perfumed,

twenty four hours later, drooping with desiccated leaves . . .

even the bud is drooping. I have never seen lilies so badly affected
by heat. Normally they give one pleasure for up to two weeks.

Everything, including me is wilting in this heat wave.
My roses are like crisps, maybe I could bag and market them as a new snack!

If you are not too languid from the swelter, you could lift a finger and enlarge.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nothing like the sweetness of nature. Lovely shadow shots.

    Mermaid Shadows

    Hope you're having a super Sunday!!

  2. Beautiful flowers. The roses are pretty.

  3. So sad. I love flowers and I always have a vase with a bouquet in the house. Unfortunately, other than rose, carnation, iris, daily or sunflower, I do not know the names of these flowers. I always love a humungous bouquet. I cannot stand plastic or silk flowers. I'd rather not have any than have fake flowers, just like friends! Tsup!

  4. I can well imagine the flowers in that kind of heat...!! But such pretty ones. those lilies are special! Loved your shadow shots in your last post too!

  5. No swelter here, Arija! We have two feet of snow on the ground and the temps have been in the single digits F in the early mornings and at night.

    Even wilted, they are beautiful.

  6. Those are gorgeous!

    My flower, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Gorgeous flowers and I do wish I could send you some of our weather! You and the flowers would perk right up before the chill bumps got to big to carry around!!! Ah, well, all of our weather will change again soon, won't it? Hope you've had a good weekend, Arija, and a lovely week ahead! Thanks for the laughs you sent earlier, I love them!


  8. Awww. Still, your flowers may have been grateful to be indoors than out in the full sun.

    Please stay hydrated and cool, dear Arija!

  9. Oh please do try to stay cool.That heat would make me wilt and even though I am tired of winter that is top much heat for me.

  10. So hot, we got to 42 yesterday and after such a mild summer to date my garden has more than drooped some things are crisped.
    Te older I get the less I like the heat.

  11. heat wave! lucky! I'm craving those crazy summer temps ! I thrive in heat!
    i love the up close shot of the lily- really beautiful. and those smell SO good!

  12. Beautiful one day - wilted the next. I have just set up my 2nd blog-site "Adelaide and Beyond" I will put your site on my Blog - roll. as it's so nice to have another South Australian on my list.

  13. I would gladly trade you snow for some of your heat Arija.
    I can almost smell your Roses and that beautiful Lilly. Their fragrance is euphoric.
    Stay cool.

  14. Your Lilies are so lovely, even as they weep away in the heat. I would so love to view mine right now, patience, patience.;) Have adelightful week...I know that you shall~

  15. These flowers are lovely and I'm sorry they didn't last long. I don't handle heat well so I can empathize although it's cold where I live this time of year.

  16. Oh for some of that glorious heat over here where the temperature today is 2.

  17. Daughter is in Hawaii doing research for awhile, keeps sending flower pics--like yours, they remind me that I can't quite remember what summer is like...

  18. Sweet and delightful!
    Have a great new week.


  19. Wow Arija, I can send you some cold air! We are in the middle of a huge blizzard here.


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