Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ Just Shadows

The path along the front of the house is an infinite source of
morning shadows . . .

a constitutional walk in the morning along the tracks between
our paddocks opens another world of colour and animals

seeking shade from the hot summer sun.

Our paddocks are dried off unlike Queensland, New South
Wales and Victoria who are all in the grip of floods while
Western Australia has been fighting deliberately lit bushfires.

Massive floods have also beset Sri Lanka and Brazil. In Sri
Lanka the loss of life has been horrendous. Brazil
has had major landslides as well as floods.

In Queensland the population has rallied as a whole and are
helping complete strangers to clean the mud and debris from
their houses, tradesmen are offering their services free of
charge as are veterinarians. There have been traffic jams with
long queues of cars of people volunteering aid.

Hats off to the Queenslanders showing true community spirit!

Tracy, one of those brave Queenslanders, at HEY HARRIET, hosts
this meme. I for one hope her house stayed dry.


  1. The dry western outback looks hot, the heat compelling all beings to find relief. The horses and (most of) the goats know that relief is found under the tree. The will graze contently in a cooler place, awaiting the end of daylight to move from their spot. Cool captures!

  2. Some of these pictures do look hot.I could use a little of that heat,not too much mind you.:)I know that before long the winter will slip into spring and new life will appear.

  3. Love the morning shadows. Sure glad your not flooded. Crises does seem to bring our species together.

  4. That first shot has some lovely shadows. And I do like the horses :-)

  5. The floods are so frightening, both in Australia and Brazil. My heart goes out to the people there.

  6. Such lovely, summery shadow shots for the day, Arija! Love the horses! Makes me miss the ones we had years ago. So glad you've been spared the nightmare in Queensland. Hope your weekend goes well!


  7. It's easy for me as a Canadian to forget how large Australia is but when one side is dry and the other is flooded I am reminded. Sunshine and shadows are an interesting contrast to the rain and floods.

  8. It does seem as if it's either feast or famine sometimes. I've been catching the footage of Queensland and Brazil and it's heartbreaking. The human spirit is strong though, and evident in the generosity of strangers. I love the curve of the pitcher handle in your top photo, and I can almost feel the heat of the day from your other shots. I can see that it's very dry. I hope you get a bit of rain soon. and happy SSS.

  9. Dear Aria, I like your morning shadows very much but those lovely horses in the shade of a tree are something special to me; that is really wonderful scene. How beautiful they are; it seems to me that even sheep in your last photo are aware of their beauty.
    I am glad to hear about Queenslanders true community spirit. May God help them all to endure all the difficulties they have faced with!

  10. Fine summer ShadowShots. The waterpot looks huge from its shadow.

  11. Good to hear you are OK. The pasture does look hot - which would be a nice change for us up here in the frozen north.

  12. Your shots of paddocks, animals and shadows remind me of some of our iconic Ausralian paintings.

  13. Oh gosh it does look so dry and hot there. I'm glad there is some shade for those lovely horses. It's so hard to wrap our heads around all that's going in the world right now. Natural disasters are one thing, but people deliberately lighting fires I just cannot understand. And the USA dealing with the recent mass shootings. It's all so horrible.

    On a brighter note, yes our Premier has shown herself to be a great leader throughout all of this. We are lucky in this country to have the people in power that we have.

    And your offer to donate your loom and spinning wheel is so generous! Wow! I don't off-hand know any spinners and weavers but I could post a message on the BrisStyle google groups forum to put the word out. Brisstyle is a local group of awesome arty crafty folk. Would you like me to pass on your contact details? If you can just bounce me an email ( letting me know that would be great. Or if you'd rather pass the message onto the group yourself the email is

    Thank you so much! xo

  14. I'm well educated in the devastation of flooding living along the Mississippi River...every spring it happens all over again. My heart goes out to your Australia...beautiful paths you traverse, always a pleasure to walk with you and see the back roads of the land down under!


  15. Nice shadows... I love the first one of the pitcher. You have a pitcher in your picture (grin)


  16. It looks really warm and summer over there...Our planet is giving hard times all over the globe this winter...

    Have a good week ahead...

  17. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, do love your shadow shots!! Especially the horses in the shade.

    Selena Statue on the Bay

    Hope your day is a happy one.

  18. this reminds me so much of back home, central texas, in the summer. great set of shadow shots!

  19. Arija, I love your horses! Especially the appaloosa! I have wondered how you are faring with the floods. So you need more rain and they need less? Why can't someone even this all out!

  20. Yes, I have seen the floods, very awful. I hope our friends and their families are safe. I have been through many floods and they are so devastating and frightening. I wish every safety from the deluge.

    These, on the other hand, need some rains.


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