Monday, October 20, 2008

Bird Photography Weekly ~ 2

I believe this little bird to be a Yellow-tailed
Thornbill, Acanthiza chrysorrhoa. Size: less
than 10cm. I am happy to be contradicted.

Eastern Striated Pardalote, Pardalotus ornatus
in the native vegetation side of our park.

New Holland Honeyeater, Phylidonyris
novahollandiae in our park

and singing it's heart out on the west coast of the
Eyre Peninsula at Coffin Bay

For something a little bigger, a pair of Wood Duck,
Chenonetta jubata near the pond in the park.

My thanks to the Birdfreak Team for hosting
this world wide exchange of birds near us.

To see many beautiful birds, click on Logo
on the right.


  1. Love the flash of yellow on the little birds. Our Wood Ducks are quite different than yours. MB

  2. What beautiful bird pictures. I just don't seem to have the patience to take good bird photos. Thanks for the great photos

  3. It's interesting to see your bird photos, you have species there that we don't have around here. Your wood duck is totally different than ours.

  4. I just love your bird photography. In fact I love ALL your photography. :) Have a great week.

  5. Wonderful captures! Great stuff for BTW!
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. Great series of bird photos! Lovely little birds, indeed! I've never had a chance to photograph any other bird except of ordinary birds like are pigeon, sparrow and titmouse…and goose and ducks. I also like your duck photo. There are no such ducks in my country. Those look beautiful and interesting.

  7. love the birds and envy them as they can fly and go different places anytime they want, without hassle..

  8. That fourth shot down is positively stunning!!!!!!!

  9. I love the birds, so different to the ones we find here.
    Those ducks are my favourites, always such amusing characters.

  10. Martha and I have been birding since childhood (50+) years. I really enjoyed this post. It's always nice to see new birds and I love the names.

    Great bird photos.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Troy and Martha

  11. Your wood duck looks so different from what we call a wood duck in the states. Beautiful bird photos...

  12. ...delicious...mauri

  13. I bet you have the most beautiful birds in the world there.


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