Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Willow Maiden

For Willow, who gave me courage when needed.

The willow maid lies sleeping
within old willow bole
her golden mantle shed once more
the damp ground thickly litters

Old willow tree is dreaming too
of summers past the counting
his bony fingers stroke the ground
caressing tiny saplings
he is content, can sleep again
till winter solstice passes
then longer days within his veins
the sap will drive and quicken

While snow still lingers all around
and gales may storm and whip him
his wily toes long chilled, draw upward life
with pink and golden twigs he glistens

While winter lingers
willow maid is dreaming dreams of spring
the snows are gone
she stretches eyelids fluttering

His old heart gladdens with new strength
the living sap shoots upwards
gold buds his head bedeck
she prances forth in joyous dance
in whirling loosened catkins
her golden hair is clad

The green of willow fronds she weaves
about her gleaming head
soft supple limbs with leaves are decked
as dancing forth she goes

In summer's languid heat she lies
upon the river bank
her cooling toes and fingers
in lazy water waving
the fish and river creatures
craving her cooling shade

Till once more blow the winds of change
with driving rain and golden leaf
she whirls the season's bidding.


  1. Arija! I am so incredibly touched and honored. This is a beautiful, beautiful poem and lovely photos to accompany it. I gave you courage? You don't know how much that means to me, because I lack it so often myself! Thank you dear friend.

    Willow x

  2. I proudly posted your willow photo on my sidebar and a link to your post. Hope that's okay. :^)

  3. What beautiful words and pictures also! This year I planted a willow on our farm. It's neat to think of what it will look like through your photos. Your other photos are awsome too! Great site!

    PS Thanks for visiting my site

  4. Lovely pictures and words to go with them.Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind words.Each comment gives me inspiration.

  5. How beautiful.You've made me cry again. That's ok. I like to cry at poetry (and a million other things!)x

  6. Super poem Arija. We have literally hundreds of willows on our land here in Ireland. I only said to Jim this morning that we must plant some weeping willows, one variety we lack, as the chap who planted all the others was a basket weaver.

    Now I must have one!

  7. It's funny that you would post about a willow...I was just thinking about the beautiful old willow that was lost 2 years ago when we had a terrible storm. I ducks would hide under its long branches. The blue jays always brought their fledglings there first..I miss it....

    Thank you for asking about Ollie. He hasn't had his teeth done yet. Both cats were sick the last few days and needed medication and special food. They had received a new vaccine on Monday and I really think that did it. But today nobody is exhibiting symptoms and they are both eating again...

  8. The composition of your photos is striking! They are very nice pictures and your choice of poems just adds to your charm of your blog.

  9. Beautiful!!!

    I left you something on my blog tonight. Go check it out. :0)

  10. Beautifully done. Really nice photography. The poetry is nice to read too. Reflective.

  11. A very beautiful post and amazing words to accompany such pretty photographs!
    Well done, Arija.
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  12. Arija,
    I am delighted you feel inspired! It is one of my goals to inspire others to create. Thank you for sharing how my post and work influenced you. I love your photography and poetry. I see we inspire one another.

  13. I love willow trees - we have one in our front and it has grown quite massive over the years.

  14. Your photos are lovely. I must visit your blog more often...

  15. Arija, such a beautifully written poem and such wonderful photography. You don't need any help from me on your blog. This is wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  16. Willow is one of my favorites also.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and great photos.

    Troy and Martha


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