Monday, October 13, 2008

My Weekend of Birds

Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis

Not yet identified

Galah, Eolophus roseiccapillua drinking at our dam

Take a sip, and swallow it down

One of my favourite songsters, the Grey
Shrike-Thrush, Colluricincla harmonica

I have narrowed this little darling to a Sittella
either Black-Capped Sittella, Neositta pileata
or Striated Sittella, Neositta chrysoptera

The same little bird in the shade camouflaged
as a bluebird

If anyone can help with identification , I would
be most grateful.


  1. I took biology in college but don't know any of the birds. LOL. Great shots, by the way!

  2. That little thornbill is adorable! You have such a lovely variety of birds down there, Arija.

  3. was für schöne Vögel!!1 Woher kommt denn das gute Deutsch??
    Liebe grüße Barbara

  4. Your blog is a delight. I love your flower photography especially. And the sweet bird, the last photo, does not need a name to be beautiful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll be back to this one often.

  5. A really nice set of bird photos. You seem to have a great variety around your place.

  6. Hallo liebe Arija, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment!
    Oh your unidentified bird reminds me of a Kleiber, a nuthatch, sitta europaea :)
    Maybe there exists also a sitta australicana ?
    The galah has the same colours as my flower! And all your photos are so beautiful!
    Have a pleasant week!

  7. Love your little thornbill and the gala is a striking bird. Your garden is a lovely sight for autumn-adjusted eyes.

    Thanks for your visit to TN, USA and for leading me to your lovely blog.

  8. Hello Arija !
    You are beautiful birds in Your photos...
    I say like Lady Willow : the little is lovely...

  9. sweet, sweet birds! they want to flutter off and are much more difficult to capture that it looks.. but you have done a marvelous job... love the shrike-thrush.. take a little drink and swallow it down.. what would a garden be without its precious birds.. they are the jewels in the crown...

  10. I can't help you in your part of the world, but it's funny as to how they do resemble the birds here in the states...Thank you for your kind comments on my blog..I do try..

  11. Oh wow, these are magic birds! So unlike any at my feeder! It's as if you live over the rainbow.

  12. Great five birds species over the weekend.
    Happy birding!

  13. What beautiful birds! My neighbors visited Australia last year and came back with great bird photos.

  14. first unidentified bird looks like a white browed scrubwren. The short tail is distinctive. second bird looks like a Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo or a Shining Bronze-Cuckoo. Too green for a thornbill, and thornbills don't have horizontal striations on the chest.

  15. Oh my... you have such pretty birds... they are beautiful and lovely to see... I wish I could help to identify.
    But they are wonderful to look at.

  16. What a wonderful pretty image

  17. Great bird photos and thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog.

  18. Very beautiful birds. Nice photos. :)))

  19. i have never seen a bird with a pink beard like that...i am in love. :)

    the unidentified one, i think that is me... who wants to be classified?

    very beautiful here

  20. These birds are so different from what we know here in the US...they are all wonderful! I thought the little unidentified one might be a pine siskin, but not sure if you have those there.

  21. I have a photo of 2 galahs taken in February this year at my sister's home in Bungendore. They are so pretty. I love goldfinches and we have them here sometimes, either on the thistles or on the bird nuts. I'm afraid I can't help with the little thornbill! Lovely photos.

  22. Wow! What nice photos! Such color so vivid. I think it must be very nice to live in another country and get to know the flora and fauna. I wish I could help you out with the id of your little bird. It is a cutie, such a face! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Maria,
    thank you so much for your tip. With that I could narrow it down at least to a Neositta, a good step forward.

    mein Deutsch kommt davos dass unsere Familie als Jux zu hause Deutsch spricht. Meine Muttersprache ist Lettisch.

    you express my thoughts entirely.

  24. Very cool birds. Australia is one of the places that I would really love to visit.

  25. My first thought for that second bird was a silver-eye but a scrubwren also seems possible. I would have loved to have seen it from a different angle but they rarely pose correctly for the camera. :)

    This is a wonderful site - I will be returning.

  26. Beautiful birds all. I know nothing of Australia's Birds but I think there is a Blogger from Australia called "Birds Anonymous." He might be able to help you out. Or, you might find someone on the Nature Blog Network. Also, the guys from 10,000 Birds Blog have an ID page. They go all over the globe to see and ID birds.


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