Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Pond in the Park

Shortly after we bought the third part of the farm

we had this pond dug. Twice in the last 15 years

it has overflowed. Last summer it was dry.

Although there is not much water in it at present,
there is some evidence of life.

This little tortoise was wandering along our dry
and dusty road, when one of my granddaughters

spotted it and put it on the grass. Oddly, it has one brown

and one gold rimmed eye for easy identification

I helped it to the pond and with it's dry, mud caked
shell lapped by water

It decided that the pond was a good place to be

A pair of Wood Ducks, Chenonnetta jubata territorially

protecting their pond from a pair of thirsty Galahs

Our resident pair of Wood Duck this evening

Electing to take to the water
please excuse the quality , I only had a fleeting chance.

Click to enlarge photos.


  1. These pics are simply heavenly! I so long for a piece of land of my own! So I spend my time wandering with my camera and enjoying posts like this!

  2. I love water: a pond, creek, river, lake or ocean. There is something about water that is soothing. We had an exceptionally wet summer this year. Thaks for the pictures.

  3. More beautiful photos, Arija. I particularly like the wood ducks. So handsome and different than anything we see around these parts.

  4. It's nice to have a pond, they do have their challenges though. My Gracious--that turtle has a LONG neck!

  5. Beautiful photos! I especially love the ones of the turtle. My family and I were just admiring some at the zoo here on Saturday as well.

  6. Great photos. Hope you get some rain soon. We all need it.

  7. Your comment on my SWF post about the black hole made me giggle. I had to leave a little bit of railing in the get the right perspective. You are funny!
    I love have property and observing all the wildlife that inhabits it. It looks like you have quite a variety. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, that tortoise has a really long neck. We used to bring them over here for pets but now they're banned. I always fancied one myself.

  9. The picture of the pond looks most inviting.

  10. How wonderful that you get to see all those animals. Great photos! I love the one of the turtle!

  11. Wow, that little turtle has a very long neck! I like turtles a lot and I think it's so nice you helped him. :) Thank you for stopping by Seguin blog. I appreciate your visit and comment. Have a great week!


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