Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spring ~ The Little Joys

A small flowering almond in it's second year

covered in blossom

The seasons are awry. This flowering cherry, for

the first time in 40 years, failed me on my birthday

Wisteria by our bedroom door greets me in the morning

The joy of lilac time beginning

A flush of pink this tree bedecks

whilst bluebells cluster roud it's feet

Malus floribunds, a haven for bees and Blue Wrens

and blazing pink ranunculas.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.


  1. I love the bright colors. Looking at your photos makes me wish we were entering spring here but we have the long cold winter to look forward to.

  2. Every photo is beautiful! Maybe I need to winter in Australia...I'm not looking forward to winter..the cold is bad, but the darkness is worse! out come the full-spectrum light bulbs.

  3. I'll have to say the wisteria is my favorite!

  4. Oh my goodness these photos are beautiful. I'm in America where fall is beginning and the cool nights are a balm to my hot flashes. :) The leaves are just beginning to change where I am and it's just a joy to watch them as God paints their tips. blessings, marlene

  5. The colour in these photos is just stunning, particularly when we are just approaching winter and the flowers are all fading.

  6. Your flowers are coming up and showing off their colors nicely. I guess your are in the beginnings of spring there. We are in the fall season here and the dreaded winter with snow and ice must follow.

  7. Good morning Arija….! I love your flowering almond trees! We have two flowering almond trees in our house, different specimens I guess, since they grow different color flowers; but just as beautiful.... and by the way, I finally had time to thank you publicly for honoring me with your blog award.... Thanks again.

    Have a great day!


  8. Beautiful pictures, I love spring-time. We are going into fall here with the orange and red leaves and cold weather and rain. It's wonderful to know it is still spring somewhere in the world! My favorite season.

  9. Oh Arija! Deep joy. What glorious wonders you have in your garden.
    These Spring flowers have brightened my day, thank you.x

  10. Even though your cherry flowers may have failed you on your birthday, the tree still looks very beautiful! Just different! And the other flower pics are so filled with the the bright joy of Spring! Stunningly beautiful!

  11. Beautiful!keep on posting those lovely florals,it will help to shorten our winter.I must say,that I do like winter,even the cold stormy days.

  12. We have a Malus floribunds in our front garden and it is also a haven for blue wrens!

  13. Arija, it's so good to be back again and have my spirits lifted by your lovely blog and super photos. Here our trees have almost lost their leaves and the damp air and early evening darkness let us know that Autumn is truly here.

  14. Good..I will have some flowers to look at here as the snow falls around our house...

  15. I have to say again--just GORGEOUS photos! The colors of the flowers are just so beautiful!

  16. Oh goodness, look at all the different types of beautiful blossoms. What a feast for the eyes. Thank you!

  17. Ist seltsam den Frühling zu sehen und im Herbst zu leben.
    Wunderschöne Bilder.
    Grüße aus dem fernen Deutschland,

  18. Ah, what beautiful flowers...have you thought about posting your name on "Today's Flowers"...just have to post some pikkies of flowers on a Sunday night...and put your name on the list...if you pop over to my blog, you can click on the pretty Today's Flowers icon on the sidebar...


    ps Thanks for your comments on my sister's was her first skywatch post! (weedie)

  19. Your landscape is alive with such lushness.. it is intoxicating.... I am in love!!


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