Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spring ~ in lighthearted vein

Spring is springing
the birds are singing

and bees are winging
from petal to bloom

The breeze is drifting
my spirits lifting
sunlight is shifting
dispelling all gloom

The tree tops swaying
the hens start laying
there is no gainsaying

the call to go forth

The meadows are calling
and cats caterwauling

lambs prancing and frolicking

in grass to their knees

Life now is beginning
the frosty nights thinning
the dance of the seasons

is stepping in tune.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. I must say, it is hard for me to think about you in the beginnings of spring while we are in the beginnings of winter. It gets cold here in the morning and we have had frost already. Our flowers are gone, and the ornamental grasses have turned a golden brown. It isn't pretty because our leaves are more like discarded old leather than brightly colored reds, oranges, yellows and browns. I am not sure they will ever be those colors as this year, 2008, has been different, to say the least.

    Your pictures and your photography is excellent and that is also inspirational.

  2. Hallo Arija, your spring post is sooo beautiful! The little lambs and the eggs and ALL the signs of spring! Great! And your photos are sooo great!
    Thank you for joining me on my walk in Vienna along Marchfeldkanal. You are right, it is possible to go by canoe on the canal. But I think it is a little tedious because of different water levels.

  3. Ahh, eggs and lambs! They certainly say spring, don't they? Lovely, lovely pix, as always, Arija. It's curious to think of you welcoming spring just as we are pulling out our flannel jammies and lighting fireplaces.

  4. lovely... as summer approaches in your world, winter is doing so here, going down to 4 C tonite.... :)

  5. Spring in your part of the world and fall in mine...This is about my Oliver post..
    Arjia..Sure Ollie would like that. I will hope over to your blog to make sure you get this message...Millie is amazing. Snake bites AND living to age 20. She is quite the girl... My e-mail is T10acite@yahoo.com.

  6. How nice to see spring. ;-) We had a hard frost last night. Winter is coming, but I figure every day is one day closer to spring here. (Truth be told, I don't really mind winter, though.)

  7. Your photos of Spring gave me a lift on what is a miserable Autumn day here in North Yorkshire U K

  8. Oh my dear Arija, you totally captured that Spring feeling of hope and renewal. Now, when all the Autmun leaves are on the ground and the trees are naked, I can always hop to your site and enjoy the promise which is to come.


  9. I love the little bird... so pretty are the colors and the bee looks quite content... you have such wonderful photography skills!
    Mountain Retreat

  10. Great match of words and photos.

  11. i have wolf songs, and native american tunes, linked now :)

  12. Nice reminder that elsewhere in our great world the seasons are so different.

  13. A delightful array of Spring pics! I especially love seeing the lambs, always a symbol of Spring!

  14. What a delight Arija... How did you know i needed something to lift my spirits with all the world-talk about the forthcoming gloom of recession... Your poetry makes me happy and the pictures that accompany them are precious!!!

    I am so glad I met you so that I can relive the season that has just passed!!

  15. Really awesome photos! Beautiful flowers, bees, lambs...all the joys of a gorgeous spring! The colors are vibrant! Just loved all your wonderful photos! And I loved your poem...it was so perfect for the pictures!

  16. Your photos are totally stunning. Beautiful indeed. It reminds me how beautiful our planet is.


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