Monday, February 27, 2012

OUR WORLD & SkyWatch - A Sad Time . . .

The light in the sky is brighter, a new star sparkles at night,

my days are dark with loss so hard to bear that daily life is
hard to cope with.

Until I become a little accustomed, my blogging will be intermittent.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Reflections & TODAY'S FLOWERS - Amazonian Waterlily

Victoria amazonica had a hothouse all to herself at the Adelaide
Botanical Gardens. The sign read that she would start opening at
5 p.m. but she had barely managed to split her sepals at that time.
Unfortunately the superstructure of the hothouse reflects rather
dramatically in the lily pond, making it challenging to get just the
lily and it's pads without posts and girders.

The first petal is open and the bud is stretching allowing her
heady perfume to waft through the humid air.

Every part of the plant that has contact with the water is
protected by spines, the leaves, so smooth on the upper side,
are prickly everywhere else, as are the bud and stalks as well
as the eventual seed casing.

Gracefully she floats . . .

slowly, eve so slowly, flicking another petal from the central
bud . . .

and just when the unfurling drama is reaching it's height, the
keeper of the lily house evicts us . . . we beg to be locked in for
the night, to document the wonder of this flower but to no avail.

We are banished like common criminals although the gardens
are open for another hour. Disappointed, we slink away under
giant plane trees and along hidden paths, back to our car to face
the now thinning peak traffic home.

Enjoy the flower and her narcissistic reflections and visit many
more by clicking on either or both relevant Logos on my side bar.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SkyWatch ~ A Moment Ago . . .

All week the skies have been grey and bland or just plain bland
and I decided to sleep in and not post at all until I woke up to
this an hour ago and shot outside like a bullet.

They are much better enlarged . . .

These are just the first four

and if this week is like last week, then next week I may show
you some more of this week . . . confused yet? Ah well it was
pretty weak . . .

Happy SkyWarch to you all!

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