Sunday, August 25, 2013

OUR WORLD - Changes

For fifty five and a quarter years there were two

now, there is only one

no matter how sad, life must go on . . .

Monday, August 12, 2013

OUR WORLD, Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - Breeding Time

Tax time, one of the revolting realities of life that stress me out 
two personal returns as well as quarterly and annual farm tax!

I like to go a little early to see our accountant just so I can have
half an hour in the little Japanese garden on the way.

Click to enlarge, you'll see the snowflakes flowering on the rocks

I was surprise to already see ducklings, this young pair of 
wood ducks had been busy.
The wood ducks are nesting on the farm as well, a good month 
before their usual time.

Can you see the bonus goldfish?

Proud mom looking across at dad

"Aren't we sweet?"

Dad seems to be in a bit of a flap but the family 
remain unconcerned

as I watched, it became apparent that their colouring 
was a little different - makes me think it's a pigeon pair.

 the dog and I enjoyed a little Zen moment before 
launching into the tax again.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS & Weekend Flowers - Blossom Time

Spring has sprung although it still is winter
the (Snowflake) bells are ringing in

almond blossom time
opening buds under a cloud cover

a little more light and a blossom with eight instead of 
four petals - will it bear twin almonds
we will never know since the parrots get the kernels before I do

a break in the clouds and pretty buds show their colour 

finally a shot against the light

whatever the weather, they manage to lift ones spirits

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

SkyWatch - 'I find I don't know clouds . .at all'

Does anyone of us know the nature of clouds,
can anyone predict their shape?

I certainly cannot, I can only appreciate their wonder.

Afterglow, gentle, yet alluringly dreamlike 
with it's shadows

Klick to enlarge, they grow on you . . .

Watch the clouds, they are delightfully impartial 
and never bite back.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature Notes - A bird with nasty habits

At Hay, NSW, on a bend of the Murrumbidgee River, 
I stood on the levee to catch the winter sun

 from my elevated position, I spied a youngster
perched on a nest in the treetop

it called for support and within winking, not just one but at 
least twenty of these sharp beaked monsters were harassing me.

These Miner birds, Manorina somethingorotheriana, I cannot,
with the best will in the world, nut out which of the three types it is.

I've had another look and it is the Noisy Miner,
Manorina melanocephala

These birds work in large family groups, have become adapted to 
human habitation, and murderous towards the young of other birds.
I have seen two of them hacking a baby swallow to death.

Miners are widespread and intelligent 

they spied an  opportunity
and again came in in numbers to worry away at this tarpaulin
in a caravan park, until they had loosened the fibers

and could tear away the whole corner of the fabric.
They seem to work like bikie gangs and terrorise 
all other birds in their neighbourhood.

They are pretty to look at and entertaining to watch until they go
on a killing spree.

They are classed among the honeyeaters but are most definitely omnivorous.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

OUR WORLD - Back to Wirrealpa Staion

In dreams I go back to this place I love in our arid lands,
Wirrealpa Station on the eastern edge of the 
North Flinders Ranges.

My husband and I stayed in this little house on the hill
the last time we were there.

Meat safe on the left and shearer's quarter to the right
the larger house, far right, the sleeping quarters and the smaller
one with the chimney stack, kitchen and eating hall

The meat safe, where carcasses were hung before refrigeration,
surrounded by fly wire
now an extra studio space

this was in springtime when I went there with my daughter 
and some of her artist friends, when the desert was in full flower

a bush pear had even set fruit, unfortunately not 
ripe enough for us to taste

general view to the east, flat and dry

my favourite view to the Flinders Ranges from the verandah of the 
shearer's quarters

botanical alchemy happening on the old shearer's stove
you can see in my header

and a little later, our dinner squeezed in-between 
the dye pots and kettles

and lastly the star of this October visit,
a profusion of Sturt's Desert Pea.

Can you wonder that I love this place?

Friday, August 2, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS & Weekend Flowers - 'Gold Bunny'

What would the world be without roses?

Through rain, wind and storm 'Gold Bunny' blooms
and blooms, even in mid-winter

while pruning my roses, I glimpsed this golden array
high on the fence

with a trick of the light, this lower, rain drenched bloom 
had magically changed colour

a trusty rose lending a spot of colour in a bare garden.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

SkyWatch - Zebra Sky and some Personal History

Apologies again for not participating in posting and visiting for
a while as I would have liked to.

For the last 10 years, I have been in heart failure, I have two 
replaced valves and one that needs help but no-one will touch.
Having taken care of my husband as he sank deeper and 
deeper into dementia took a much greater toll of my health
than I had realised.

Now, when I launch into doing the things I enjoy, I rather often 
sidestep my limitations and end up in an unholy mess.

I ate a little more than my normal small portions and BINGO
my heart resented my idiocy to the point of sending me into 
orbit as seen in the third shot.

I am almost back on my pins again, no, I do not seek sympathy,
just a little understanding . . .

One never knows what one will see when looking at the sky
this time it was Zebras running through the clouds

 just like snowflakes, no two are alike.

The night the moon left her light behind and came 
spinning towards me to pick me up and take me away . . .

I hope you too have pure magic in your skies.

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