Thursday, May 30, 2013

SkyWatch Friday - A Colourful Sunset

It is so nice to have clouds in the sky on a regular basis again
they certainly lend a certain  je ne sais quoi
to a sunset.

I do love to see what the sky offers us during the day,
Hope you do too.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday - Sacred Ibis

These days, birds have to be big or flashing under my nose
for me  to see them

So, if ah sees 'em,
ah shoots 'em!

Made a pit stop at the Gumaracha park, they have facilities,

also at times a bird or two or more . . .

to put it kindly, Ibis were aerating the lawn

these two stopped for a pow-wow

geez, was it something I said?

ah well, I never did see the point in sulking,
c'mon guys lets party!

If all else fails, have a drink!
Ha, water can be just as stimulating.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

OUR WORLD - A Walk in the Woods

A gloomy, rainy afternoon
but oh such a wonderful walk 
in a rain drenched forest.

If you look closely, you can glimpse a kangaroo next to 
the second tree on the right.

Sorry, I could not help slipping this in with the Brownies
and their leader.

Lichen on a tree like mint sugar candy.

This stone obviously was not rolling, everything was so 
vibrantly green and wet . . .

Nature's basket weaving

moss on moss, I found this rather interesting,
a marriage of two different mosses.

What princess was this that was turned into a tree with
 her braided tresses trailing on the forest floor

rain: between shots the camera tucked inside my jacket

in every family, there is one with his head above the others

fascinating rocks, singly and in mounds

half the trees have been felled so there is much more light
in the forest and the forest floor is much greener than before.

My friend and companion contemplating the little green pool
that in summer is totally covered in duck weed.

Not the forests of oak, birch and fir of my childhood but a
place of trees none the less
and I always feel at home amongst trees.

An hour of walking and listening here, smelling the wet pine needles,
is bound to restore the soul and lift the spirits.

Friday, May 24, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Pink and Pretty

The Cyclamen is a great autumn favourite of mine
so, because mine are just coming into bud,
I bought a couple to boost my morale
while I wait.

The above is a miniature with a delicious scent . .

I just could not pass the one below by, it is a larger variety but one of 
the rare scented ones.

I keep my Cyclamens in my bedroom where I never heat and the 
door is always open, summer and winter.

I have mended my ways and instead of living in anticipation, 
just live for each moment and cram as much joy into it 
as possible.

Hope you all do as well!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SkyWatch Friday - Grumbles and a Sunrise

Some things have not been going so well lately 
and I feel a big grumbling fit coming on

on top of that, whilst driving home, I was side-swiped 
by a great big bus . . .

but grumbling is no use at all, you just chew up the nasties up and 
spit them out . . .

Sunrise a few days ago, looked like it was going to be a beauty

but gradually, it started becoming a little scary

and as the gold on the horizon glowed, the clouds darkened 
as though it were the end of the world.

The darkness seemed all embracing,
just like my mood today.

I do hope others have happier skies to offer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday - Common Bronzewing

Apologies for the quality of these shots, very fast reaction 
on my mart and rainy late afternoon light are not conducive
to startlingly good photography 

even so, I am very pleased I captured this incredibly shy 
and elusive bird

although I know it very well, since it is native to my Mt.Lofty garden
where I had one that was happy to forage in my vicinity,
it always kept in the densest shade.

The Common Bronzewing has a haunting daytime mating call
a protracted hoooot, like the San Francisco fog horn, 
followed by an interval . . .
then, another hoot with the intervals becoming progressively 
longer until you give up waiting for the next one and yep,
three seconds later, there it is.

It is always a pleasure to listen to, not only for the haunting 
quality of the hoot but also the surprise factor involved.

These two shots I managed to capture at the end of my pine 
plantation walk as I headed for my car and watched four 
Magpies squabbling, one flew into a tree across the road as I 
headed for my car. I dropped my eyes and there, within a 
couple of feet of my bumper, was the Bronzewing at he 
side of the road. 

It was in an 'alert' position so no time to check settings, just
lift camera and shoot (and pray).

The Bronzewing turned as the Magpie swooped and I clicked.

Moments later,  obscured my car, it had taken off.

Just when I was a little disappointed at not bagging any birds 
in the plantation, I was on the verge of ecstatic 
at this bird being handed to me on a platter
at the last moment.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

OUR WORLD - The Secret Life of . . .

pine mushrooms that are happiest living on or 
around pine stumps.

Some are hermits but they are rare

some snuggle up like lovers and shun all others

others prefer suburban living

yet others crowd together in fear

there are those who find more elevated habitations
fearful of the rising waters of global warming

and caring mothers protecting their children

until the time comes to let go of this life and return 
back into the earth.

From a walk in a pine plantation. I was hoping for edible 
mushrooms but unfortunately the forest department, in it's wisdom?
had sprayed some dreadful poison last spring and killed not only
the habitat of all the little birds who spent their winters here and 
bred in spring, but also the dozens of varieties of mushrooms  that
used to grace the forest floor.

Next time I may post the forest itself.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Tonight's Flowers Really!

'Joiks', I though.
I have no flowers to post . . .
grab camera, rush out into the dark with torch
and violĂ !

A flower I had noticed on a seedling geranium a few days ago.
Dah, when you shine the torch on the flower, you can't see
what setting the camera in on, ups . . .
soft focus by torchlight.

Madly winding fading torch and clinging on to camera,
my piece de resistance, a flower engulfed by grass.
Yep, not only has my weeding not been done, 
it hasn't even been started

here is the little darling in all it's moth eaten glory

and, the only other thing apart from my white rose that is in 
flower, ONE shy but perfumed violet.

With Lille Abner's grandma I say "when you got 'em, flaunt 'em!"

When you don't have much, it's best to enjoy what you DO have.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

SkyWatch - Just a Little Afterglow

After the sun has disappeared over the hill without a fanfare, 
often, the clouds in the East show a touch of what 
could have been, just the tiniest 
breath of pink and 
the rising moon

Zoom in and capture what the eye picks out immediately,
at least mine does,
it too zooms in on the gentle interplay of pink and grey

and high up, the moon performs her dance with the last 
glow of the sun's magnificence.

Do click on the first and enjoy the show.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday and Nature Notes - Willie Wagtails

As soon as the first rain came, with it's accompanying drop of 
temperatures, the male birds went in for territorial posturing, 
chasing each other around in whole gangs and  making one 
heck of a ruckus.
They carried on as though it were spring not autumn.

Two of them in threatening poses in a cherry tree

quickly nipping down for a tasty insect snack

and back to the chase.

They were so intent on their purpose, they even darted around
in the grapevine next to the house.

It was really fun watching their antics.

Likning with Stewart's


Michelle's Nature Notes

Monday, May 13, 2013

OUR WORLD - Autumn Past and Present

Driving to town today to visit my husband, I thought I would 
show you the main street through Verdun, a small settlement 
on my way.

Dense clouds and rain in the distance muted the autumn colours.
My 20 year old car is in the left hand corner of the shot.

The sun was doing it's best to break through

and finally did, to brighten the drenched colourful leaves
I am infinitely grateful for the rain.

Tips of trees over a hedge made a good contrast to the dark sky.

From our last trip together, this time last year,
Martindale Hall near Mintaro
which was the school for the film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'.

Rather a grand pile in this sleepy rural district

it is sad no longer to have anyone to share trips, memories and old age with.

We never know what life will dish up,
we just hope we cope with whatever comes our way.

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