Tuesday, August 30, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Stalking an Egret

Last week, while staying with my sister in Melbourne, I had a
chance to check out the wetlands in Rowville near the golf course.
Actually, I was just stretching my legs with a camera trying to
capture some suburban birds when I spied this guy far across a
swampy meadow. A 135mm lens is not the ideal weapon for
shooting at this range, so I lined myself up with the scant cover
of the bush at right and squelched my way down until I was right
behind it.

Even before I was in position, I felt him watching my progress
and when I broke cover for a better shot,

he was decidedly skittish -

and took to the air just enough

to land again near the reeds. This is an Intermediate Egret,
as far as I could tell, Ardea intermedia. Unfortunately his
mate was killed and now he mourns his loss and lives a
hermitic existence since egrets usually mate for life.

Click to enlarge.
Next week I'll give you a short burst of the common suburban birds
in the area.

This is one of my favourite memes , you too can join it by clicking
on the Logo on my side bar.

Monday, August 29, 2011

OUR WORLD - Back from the Wonders of the Universe

OUR WORD is a place of wonders and, in memory of Klaus whose
brain-child was MY WORLD TUESDAY, this meme continues his
original idea.

Please click on the link to join and show us what is happening in
your world this week.

Sorry I'm late posting, just got back from the Rainforests of Victoria and
lots ofother wonders I have seen,

wetlands in suburban Melbourne, spring in the Grampians,
and a blissful three hours at the foot of Mt.Arapiles.

All this was, for me, heaven on a stick!

My pikkies all enlarge and there will be many posts to follow . . .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Drive-by Shooting

I'm 700km from home and on the way here I popped off a few
at the sky as we sped along towards Melbourne.

On my side of the car I was accompanied by a lion? . . . a boar??

A little further along there was quite a bit going on in front
of that glorious blue backdrop

and then the fun started. The season of rainbows had arrives.

There were six different ones in all. Not quite as spectacular
as a trip we took a few years ago where we had 13!

The road, the railway line, the silo and the main attraction,
another rainbow!

I wish you all at least a rainbow or two, if not, enlarge mine
and enjoy.

I thank the diminished SkyWatch Team for keeping this meme going
against all odds.

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