Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas SkyWatch - Peace to the World

Wishes of Peace and Good Will
to all my blog friends, and everyone on this wonderful
Earth of ours.

Independent of your beliefs and whatever event
you celebrate at this time of the year,
may you all be blessed with peace and love
wherever you are.

the sky behind my house overlooking part of the farm

small portion of a 5 metre tree the grandchildren mounted 
and decorated
it is quite a splendid sight

the latest member of the family: 
my daughter's new sheep-dog,
a surprise present from her daughter

a tiny mite that instantly recognised her mistress
already (sometimes) sits on command
and speaks when asked (sometimes)

young Kubbie is growing quicker than grass
after just three days already dangles over the side of my lap
as I watch my granddaughter wrapping even more presents
to join those already banked under the tree

the little glass church that has graced some family Christmas
tree for some 50 years.
Luckily I shared my old decorations with my daughter
more than three decayed ago when mine were lost in the 
bushfire in the following year.

It is always a joy for me to see it in my daughter's house

I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as I had,
nothing to prepare, no tree to trim, just my presents to wrap 
and give lap room to the tiny puppy
and enjoy it all.

If you are travelling, or not, stay safe
this holiday season.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

OUR WORLD - Christmas madness

Recently I had occasion to be in a shopping mall
you could not see the merchandise for all the decorations

enough twinkle lights to blind the unwary

wreaths the size of small barns
floating overhead

it all put me to flight

on Saturday I had to do some shopping at a supermarket
and was overwhelmed by  columns of bears
almost twice my height

like rows and rows of soldiers bearing down on me . . .

needless to say, I fled in disorder

the spirit of Christmas was buried under
mountains of commercialism.

Whatever happened to Christmas with home made 
personalised presents and a few chocolate sweets for the children?

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Feijoa Flowers

My Feijoas have just finished flowering
and now, I look forward to the fruits
of my labours

they sport such intricate flowers with bright colours
and even if one does not appreciate the fruit, which  I love,
their evergreen foliage and spectacular flowers certainly 
deserve a place in the garden.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

OUR WORLD - New Arrivals

A little while ago my granddaughter purchased two
little 3 day old Jersey heifer calves
destined to be our milk supply in years to come.

Jersey mik has a higher fat content than other milkers
so, should I live so long, in three years time
we will be enjoying our own milk, cream, 
sour cream, butter and a variety of cheeses


being so long legged, like giraffes, 
they were still a bit wobbly on their pins

not sure whether she was playing 'hide and seek'
or feeling safer with support on both sides

whichever, she soon backed out again and joined her sister

a lot of bottle feeding at this stage but,
when they come into mild, we will have 
enough milk to feed any number of orphaned lambs and calves
as well as supply the extended family.

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