Monday, May 4, 2015

OUR WORLD & Nature Notes - The colours of autumn

Stirling main street transformed from a barren sealed road
wide enough to land a Jumbo jet on
into this magnificent sight that now attracts tourists to it's 
autumn festival.

Forty four years ago a band of conservationist fought 
tooth and nail to preserve the last remaining oaks in the main 
street, against a Council that wanted to create more parking 
places in front of the shops.

Somehow, with getting the media on side,
we got our way and the council consented to us planting
an avenue of Liquid Ambers along the main shopping strip.
My daughter still proudly points to the tree she 
planted as a 10 year old.

This is one of the highest rainfall areas in the state,
where the trees do not lose their leaves until they have
displayed their full glory.

Finally the Council saw sense, built car parks
behind the shops and added beautiful plantings along the road.
Now it is a pleasure to shop and walk there and there is still 
some discreet parking along the roadway.

A perfect place for an autumn ramble and to pop into 
Matilda's Book Shop to pick up a book or three . . .

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