Thursday, February 28, 2013

SkyWatch - Oh happy day . . . or not quite

Great hope of a downpour, beautiful to see

but soo disappointing. Not a drop of rain ensued . . . at least they 
provided a little shade for the struggling vegetation

and made for fun cloud shots.

Check out lots more skied on the logo at right.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday - Never count your chickens . . .

I am partially back on line again. The reprieve in the last post 
did not last long. An apparently endemic problem in the hinge
to a number of Macbook airs also attacked mine and cut out 
access to the net.

With lots of detours in the delivery of my new Macbook Pro,
now, a month later, apart from not having photoshop installed
yet, I am cautiously back in business again.

It is the end of summer and today we are having, what I 
hope, is our first autumn rain.

I have no idea what nature is up to these days, these house 
sparrows are obviously building nests. In autumn??

Judging by the news from States further north along Australia's
east coast, they seem to be having frightening flood event
with loss of life on an almost monthly basis while our
state has seen hardly a drop of rain all

With thanks to Stewart for hosting this great meme.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Back on Line - Happy Days are here again . . .

Again, it has been some time since I posted.
There have been some health issues to sort out as 
well as a few emotional ones to take care of.

Hope I'm back again now without any more hitches.

A shot of my ex-garden last winter

although this is at the same time, it puts springtime 
into my heart again.

My pensive companion, still a little overweight in this early shot.
He has lost the chubbiness he accumulated from his soft hearted
previous owner and continuous snacking.

Kookie has also learned a few manners since that time and
sticks to me like glue.

It is rather nice to have his company and raised voice 
when anyone comes near my yard.

Hope all of you, my friends, are well and happy.

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