Thursday, November 29, 2012

SkyWatch & Nature Notes - A horror day

I suppose we must occasionally have days like these . . .

A stormy sky and golden light on the paddock
what's wrong with that?

For one thing, the temperature was hovering around 100F,
the winds were fast furious and had a mind of their own 
and the whole state had a blanket total fire ban.

In this virtual oven, I had to drive for an hour to my specialist's 
rooms. When I got there, with the scar standing in the searing heat, 
I cleverly looked my keys in it.

Having membership in the Royal Automobile Association,
it only took an hour and a half for them to come and break into my car.

Meanwhile, the verdict at my physicians was not a good one.
My heart had markedly deteriorated in the last six weeks since 
I saw him.

After this disappointment, the long hot drive home.

Just when you think things are starting to look up,
life throws a spanner into the works.

*  *  *

Hope you are all having a much nicer time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

World Bird Wednesday - Red-capped Robin

Inland version of the Red-capped Robin, Petroica goodenovii
at Wirrealpa Station in our drylands. 
Same place as the post below.

The female from the front above
and back view below.

Here is the male, almost at my feet
and cute as pie.

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Happy birding everyone!

Monday, November 26, 2012

OUR WORLD - In the Heart of the Country

In the dry heart of the country, at Wirrealpa station, on the
eastern side of the North Flinders Ranges, this view is what I 
woke up to every morning.

Off I went for a lone walk, even though it was a really hot day.
Although it was autumn, a little rain had brought forth
patches of these purple Solanum.

I headed cross-country to the line of trees in the distance
that bordered the dry riverbed of Wirrealpa River.

Flat and dry it looks like a great place for camping and 
safe for a campfire

but, don't be fooled, just look at that eroded wall in the 
background. A rainstorm in the mountains can send down 
a 20' wall of water without warning - much safer to sleep 
on the prickles on the bank.

I headed up the riverbed until I reached the road
and of course the view I was expecting to see.

Heading back along two wheel ruts that led past the shearing shed,
I surprised a small mob of sheep who looked rather bemused
to see me there.

Back to the cottage and a kind offering of fresh eggs
from hostesses chickens.

I was tempted to cook some for breakfast on this splendid original 
19th century, cast iron stove
but thought better of it and opted for the modern electric range.

It was much too hot to light a fire.
Maybe next time.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Delphiniums

Delphiniums in a dear friend's garden . . .

beautiful in blue

and just as pretty in purple.

Enjoy the flowers that bloom in your heart1

Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Reflections - Maria River, Kingston, South Australia

Last April, when the Prof and I still walked the same 
road together, we made a quick trip to Kingston, the
crayfish capital of South Australia.

It was our last opportunity to pig out on crayfish before
the close of the season at the end of the month.

Just before sunrise, the autumnal sea air was so clear, 
that there were perfect reflections everywhere.

The crayfish season has just started again and yes, I
have already treated myself to one.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

SkyWatch - Hope

No matter what tragedies, pain or sadness comes your way,

the rising sun puts on a show to gladden your heart

with a wealth of colour

even away from the direct sun there are wondrous colours to 
stir your soul.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature notes - Rescue Baby

Last night my granddaughter, not knowing what else to do,
brought me this badly damaged nestling.

Obviously fallen out of the nest in the dreadful winds we had 
during the day and later having to be rescued from one of the 
farm cats who mistook it for a toy. You can see how badly 
hurt it was by the blood on the tissue and one of the 
dislodged quills.
Bleeding, and with a wing in a most unusual position, we really 
did not expect it to live more than a few hours. 
It's parents had fed it well and with the shock, food was the last of 
it's worries. I gave it a Reiki healing for about an hour and we both
went to bed.

By 3 o'clock in the morning, it was clamouring for a feed. Having
nothing in the pantry and guessing it was a meat eater, I fed it 3
small moths that were attracted to the outside light.

This morning it was bumbling around in it's box and yelling to be
fed. We have had 37 C temperatures and searing, gusting winds
for some days, also no water for the garden and finding a worm 
was nigh on impossible. After much frustration I finally located one
under a large planter box.

Birdie gobbled it up, no sweat!

I have narrowed it's identification down to blackbird or starling and 
am veering towards blackbird. It's eyes are still closed and it's fate is
definitely uncertain but I am giving it all I've got and only time will 
tell where we go from here. Meanwhile, it seems to be a feisty little 

Even if I manage to pull it through, due to it's physical disabilities it 
will never be able to return to the wild, but at least it may yet have a life.

Post Script:

Late this afternoon birdie succumbed to his injuries.
My mother used to say "I'd rather die on a full tummy than an empty one".
This, at least, he did.


Monday, November 12, 2012

OUR WORLD - Now You See It, Now You Non't

I took these photos some time ago, when we were in 
the high country of Victoria.

On the way up to Mt.Buffalo, this pile of rock - no idea what 
the mountain was called - caught my eye.

On the way back from the climb to the summit, clouds were 
rolling in at a great rate.

They rolled in at such a rate that within a few minutes,

the whole pile vanished

only to reappear a moment later.

Ah, the vagaries of weather. 

If only life were like that and could restore 
which had been wiped out. 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

OUR WORLD - A Zen Moment

Having to go into the metropolis to see our accountant about
our quarterly tax statement (not the greatest pleasure in life), 
I went a little early so I could spend 20 min.
 in the Japanese garden.

The day was muggy and hot and the light was scattered
and grey

yet, once you were inside, the gentle order and peace seeps 
into ones very soul

and makes a tremendous difference to one's day.

After such a short space of time, I left refreshed in body and soul.
Inner peace is such a wonderful commodity and guess what? 
Its free for the taking in just a few minutes.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Magic Lanterns

A bit late for Halloween but, aren't they just the most pumpkin 

Have a happy Sunday. Here it is already 33C with strong winds
and fire danger although it isn't even summer yet! .

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