Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wild Bird Wednesday & Nature notes - Rescue Baby

Last night my granddaughter, not knowing what else to do,
brought me this badly damaged nestling.

Obviously fallen out of the nest in the dreadful winds we had 
during the day and later having to be rescued from one of the 
farm cats who mistook it for a toy. You can see how badly 
hurt it was by the blood on the tissue and one of the 
dislodged quills.
Bleeding, and with a wing in a most unusual position, we really 
did not expect it to live more than a few hours. 
It's parents had fed it well and with the shock, food was the last of 
it's worries. I gave it a Reiki healing for about an hour and we both
went to bed.

By 3 o'clock in the morning, it was clamouring for a feed. Having
nothing in the pantry and guessing it was a meat eater, I fed it 3
small moths that were attracted to the outside light.

This morning it was bumbling around in it's box and yelling to be
fed. We have had 37 C temperatures and searing, gusting winds
for some days, also no water for the garden and finding a worm 
was nigh on impossible. After much frustration I finally located one
under a large planter box.

Birdie gobbled it up, no sweat!

I have narrowed it's identification down to blackbird or starling and 
am veering towards blackbird. It's eyes are still closed and it's fate is
definitely uncertain but I am giving it all I've got and only time will 
tell where we go from here. Meanwhile, it seems to be a feisty little 

Even if I manage to pull it through, due to it's physical disabilities it 
will never be able to return to the wild, but at least it may yet have a life.

Post Script:

Late this afternoon birdie succumbed to his injuries.
My mother used to say "I'd rather die on a full tummy than an empty one".
This, at least, he did.



  1. This little mite deserves a chance and you have lovingly given it that Arija ... Wouldn't it be wonderful if it pull through - difficulties ahead I understand but needless to say better than the other option. xx

  2. poor baby. you're giving it a chance.

  3. Hi Arija....Tiny little thing, it's a wonder he is alive!!
    Now you get to be Mommy : )
    Hope he does well!!

  4. Bless you for taking on this tiny life.

  5. Hi there - you have a long road ahead, but I think you may have a friend for life if he pulls through!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Maybe the kindest thing in the end Arija, but you did what you could for him.

  7. I'm sure your Reiki healing and the food helped the poor little guy, Arija. Apparently his injuries were just too extensive. I applaud your efforts. xo

  8. Oh, I am sorry it didn't make it, but your efforts to save it's life are the epitome of kindness.

  9. Good on you for your efforts!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Ohhhhhhhh, I was so sad to read your postscript. You brought the wee one comfort and kindness in its last hours and that is much better than what could have been. xoxo

  11. oh dear little thing; it has some gusto. Hope it pulls through but can WIRES or such help out with bandaging the wing if needed? Seems if it pulls through then it's going to become a family pet. You're going to be out with the shovel teaching it to find the worms ....best wishes

  12. Oh, you are blessed for that. Once our cat also snatched a bird on our lemon tree, and my nephew saw it. He loves cats and love the wild birds too. So he cried a lot after that, as he always do when something is killed or eaten. At dusk when moths and house lizards get in the terrace, he always put the cats inside the house so they wont be able to catch any of those in the loose.

    So you are into reiki, i don't know it but I am into pranic healing.

  13. Aw too bad. It really wanted to live and you did your best. You had to try! Poor little thing.

  14. Arija, you did give the poor bird lots of comfort in its last hours. Thank you for all your kind efforts. Have a lovely day!

  15. It is so sad, when these things happen, Just do your best, and have a wee prayer and a lot of hope and if it makes it, wonderful and if not, it passed with some care and dignity. Hugs~

  16. you are such a kind soul Arija. I am thankful for people like you in this world. The Gratitude Quilt is now posted at my blog if you'd like to add something you are most welcome to do so.

  17. Oh dear...baby birds are so hard to raise even for their parents, but this little one was hurt. I know how kind you are ... I am sorry. Thank you for trying. It did look like a starling.....Michelle

  18. Oh I went back and looked.. Cat bites are so full of bacteria for the purpose of injuring and then causing infection so the animal can be tracked down...Poor baby....Michelle

  19. I do hope that all your good efforts to keep the little one alive will not be in vain. You are a great woman taking care of everything and everybody in your neighbourhood. I hope that you take care of yourself as well.
    Next month I am flying again to Oz, but this time to Tasmania, where we shall celebrate Christmas with all the family. I am looking forward to it.

  20. Poor baby, as I read this I was hoping for a happy ending but know all too well how nearly impossible it is to save the life of such a young and delicate bird, even when they're not as badly injured as this little one was. Kudos to you for doing your very best - he not only died with a full tummy but also enveloped in gentle compassion and love, of which he was surely aware.

  21. Sad... but you've done your best.


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