Sunday, April 17, 2016

More wonders of the World - a little patch of God's garden

Memories of New Zealand last December

A fast raining little river flanked by lupins
who could help stopping to admire?

couldn't stop on the bridge
so had to walk back from the road verge 
up the hill a bit

but it was so very worth while
of be engulfed by the massed perfume
and multiplicity of colours

as a bonus they were flanked by elder bushes in full bloom
which are prolific in this beautiful country

an elderflower infusion sponged on hives 
and many other rashes 
shrinks them away within a few days,
even allergic reactions to antibiotics 
that manifest in large welts

these lupins have covered acres of land down the hillside
some call them invasive weeds
but what is a weed but a flower out of it's desired place

only people wanting to
force their own will on a landscape
think in therms of flower and weeds

Sometimes, just sometimes, God steps in
and creates a flower bed of this magnitude
that leaves one speechless with awe at the beauty

I will never forget the wonder of the scent
almost visibly hanging in the sun-warmed air

it was so hard to drag ourselves away . . .

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

SkyWatch -- Hope and disappointment

To all my dear friends and followers
I am so very grateful for you all who call in
especially when you leave a comment

I am getting older, not as old as I still hope to become
but some things are no longer as easy as they were.
Although I immensely enjoy all your posts,
I get so tired in the evenings, I cannot find the
words to leave a fitting comment.
I wish it were not so . . .

Here is something else I quite desperately wish for
although I kno, in many parts of the world 
they are getting much too mush rain
here it has been bone dry
for so long, I hardly remember what rain
or rich, moist soil feel like

we have not had sufficient rainfall since 1995
and it looks like another dry autumn.
In a good year, my windows are covered in huge rain moths at night
this year I have only seen one!!!

Small wonder I look longingly at these cloud

and all I have been getting is this

don't take that the wrong way,
I'm not complaining,
I'll take beauty in whatever guise she comes in
and these amazingly tender sunset tones
in the Eastern sky are always a balm for my thirsty soul

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Some small wonders of Autumn

The Valotta lilies, Cyrtanthus elatus
 have put on their lipstick

shy Naked Ladies unfolding their beauty

to burst into bloom and still
demurely draped in shadow play

and when we look into their hearts,
they show us their very soul

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Autumn crocus

It has been a very long, dry summer
a few weeks ago we had our first rain event 
and hoped the long dry was over

no such thing, we had almost 2" in one go
and not a drop more

it confused nature even more,
spring bulbs are popping up
plum trees are in full blossom 
my autumn crocuses, Colchicum burst into bloom
which only lasted for a few days 
as the heat came back . . .

at least they were brilliant for those
precious few days

please click on the photos to see more detail

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