Thursday, April 14, 2016

SkyWatch -- Hope and disappointment

To all my dear friends and followers
I am so very grateful for you all who call in
especially when you leave a comment

I am getting older, not as old as I still hope to become
but some things are no longer as easy as they were.
Although I immensely enjoy all your posts,
I get so tired in the evenings, I cannot find the
words to leave a fitting comment.
I wish it were not so . . .

Here is something else I quite desperately wish for
although I kno, in many parts of the world 
they are getting much too mush rain
here it has been bone dry
for so long, I hardly remember what rain
or rich, moist soil feel like

we have not had sufficient rainfall since 1995
and it looks like another dry autumn.
In a good year, my windows are covered in huge rain moths at night
this year I have only seen one!!!

Small wonder I look longingly at these cloud

and all I have been getting is this

don't take that the wrong way,
I'm not complaining,
I'll take beauty in whatever guise she comes in
and these amazingly tender sunset tones
in the Eastern sky are always a balm for my thirsty soul

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  1. It may not be as dry here as you mention,but we need rain as well.We get the clouds,but it seems the rains always pass by.

  2. We too have been getting cloud. Hopeful cloud. And no rain.
    I am so pleased to see you post.

  3. I'm so sorry you're experiencing such dry conditions, Arija. And don't worry about returning comments - just do what you can. I am always thrilled to see a post up from you. Bless you dearest Arija. Jo

  4. Aa Jo Says, don't worry about posting comments just enjoy the posts you are able to read. I do hope the rains come to your area soon but your skies are gorgeous,

  5. Dry Australia. I've heard this complaint so often. I so understand you.
    The clouds looked promising enough, didn't they? Fingers crossed for some rain this autumn.

  6. That looks just lovely.

  7. Hello, I wish I could send you some of our rain. We seems to get too much lately. Your pink sky shots are lovely. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. A beautiful, poetic post, Arija. I wish I could send you some moisture. Take care!

  9. My dear Arija -- Tho a little younger perhaps than you (maybe not in spirit, but in actual years) I already know exactly what you mean about energy levels. When you only have so much time and energy, I for one would much rather read your posts than have you comment on mine. We know you care and appreciate all you do.

    I will wish for rain for you.

  10. Yes, honor what feels good to you as far as visiting blogs or not. I will understand! Your photos are lovely. So sad though to have such a long drought. They are hard and sometimes frightening.
    I wish you just the right amount of rain.

  11. We have a wet and cold spring overhere in the Netherlands. At the moment we have the first day above 20 degrees C this year. So I really love the sun at the moment.
    I hope you will get some rain at last. The sky was promissing anyway.


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