Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ Contrasts

The soft swish of the sea constrained by hard, sharp shadows.

My glass may be empty but it still casts a rich shadow.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Sunset Serenade

Coming home from town the other day, we stopped in one of
the little towns on the way to pick up some milk . . .
Going back to the car, the sky was full of magic,

as it started to rain, I looked slightly to the right and saw the
season of rainbows still had something in it's pocket . . .
raindrops on the lens and all . . .

I think I would make a pretty good sharp-shooter, all the
following shots were taken from a fast moving car.

I thought this one looked like something 'out of Africa'.

This was more like a bushfire (wildfire for those in N.America).

This one is just a tad threatening . . .

I was amazed how with so many trees along the roadside
impeding my view, I managed to get quite reasonable shots.

Somehow I managed to gather the best clouds with even a
bit of foreground.

Enlarge and enjoy!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Trouble in Paradise

I have shown you my precious resident little grebes before
but now I am devastated . . . They have been raising little
families in the dam in our park for over 10 years but . . .
there is only one in their home dam, has there been a marriage
breakdown? has he a lady on the side, is she just bored with him?

Here she is, seemingly happy not to have to cook for two or
more and wash his socks . . . at last she has time to read a book
and indulge in a few hobbies . . .

You may not easily see him even when you enlarge the dam
at the end of our WILD WOOD but if you look ( possibly
with a jeweller's eye glass) in the far distance near the trees,
there is a little black dot. Yes, that is himself sulking or skulking
or maybe just waiting for the viagra he ordered so he can
resume his fathering duties.

I am at a stand, is the separation permanent, should I hire lawyers
for both or maybe some counselling is called for.

I do hope some of you who have been birding for a long time and
have oodles of experience will be able to advise me . . . I wait in
hope with bated breath . . .

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Monday, July 25, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Winter Wonders

At last the days are getting just a little bit longer and instantly
the almond blossoms awaken to give us hope of spring to come.

Their little stars light up my world.

Just because of the unusual moisture in the soil, the roses
have burst into bloom

and on a sunny day, the bees brave the temperature to
seek a drop of fresh nectar.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SkyWatch ~ Morning Magic

I wake up thinking it is much too early and am just about to
go back to sleep when I open my eyes just a little and, since I
am facing west, see the glow on the wall of my 'studio'.

I was out of my bed like a kung-fu fighter, with my dressing gown
half on, my camera and I were out into the chilly winter morning
just to bring you this . . .

with the glow of the sun on the horizon

the sky was such a burning red!
The photos have only been resized, not enhanced in any way.

I loved the colour changes as the sun rose above the horizon.

Just when my butt was freezing off I turned to head back inside
but, my oh my, look what I saw towards the west!

I have witnessed a sunset rainbow but this just took my breath
away. A full rainbow spanning the entire western sky!

This is just a little arc sweeping upward. I would have needed
a fish-eye to capture the whole.

I think my hand (if not more of me) was shaking taking these
last two shots.

Just some wonderful glow on the ground and then the magic
was gone.

As I sped towards my warm bed, it was raining and all around
me was an ordinary grey dawn. The big show was meant just
for me to share with you.

Enlarge if you want the whole furnace blast of colour.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nature Notes ~ Kangaroos fighting

Yesterday I could finally go take my Nikon for a mild, ambling
walk, the first in over six weeks. She is a great companion, not
at all talkative and even her shutter click is not too threatening
at a distance and up-wind from wildlife.

If you enlarge the photo you may just see two darker specks
in the middle at the back of the dry grass. I only included this
so you got some idea how far away the contestants were.

I was lucky to have a solid fence post to steady my camera on
since the distance was close to a sixth of a mile and the light
was fading.

No, this is not a friendly 'hail friend, well met' but a sizing up of
each other's strength.

Get your head well away from those sharp and powerful claws!

A bit of wrestling for position,

each one trying to get sufficient grip to rip the entrails out of
the other by balancing on the tail and slashing down with
both back legs.

First one and then the other seemed to get the upper hand,
they were pretty evenly matched

until the attacker who had been grazing on the green grass at
the back before he spotted his rival, finally got the upper hand

and the other chap retreated into the tall grass to mount a
challenge another day.

They all enlarge if you can spare the time . . .

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - A little hen Wren

The little Wrens were chattering in the garden fit to burst
and this cutie let me have a couple of shots at her in one of
my not yet pruned rose bushes.

The female of our Superb Blue Wrens only has blue on the tail.
I shall endeavour to show you the colourful male of the species
as soon as a.) I get a shot at one or b.) I find one in my archives,
whichever comes first . . .

They can really make a racket with their territorial disputes.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Bell's Beach

Bell's Beach, Victoria, a famous surf beach which, just before
we got there, had hosted the Surf Carnival. Luckily we were not
there with the crowds.

Going down to the beach . . . as you can see, it is a looong way down.

Surfers with their boards were passing us in their haste to get
down there where they paddled out to sea around the cliffs on
the left to surf in on the other side, climb the hill, go down
and repeat the performance.

On this day, the sea was deceptively calm but just looking at
the foam stirred up was a strong deterrent to dipping my toes
not only for fear of the undertow but also the rocks that one
could get swept onto.

Looking up the beach it seemed to be the perfect place just to be,
to sit and soak up the turmoil of the sea and the wonderful peace.

Although I love a dip in the ocean, these waves I did not
find particularly inviting,

not this kind of turbulent water crashing on the beach.

Leaving the beach, we climbed up at the other end on a little
path with this Wattle bird with a mean look in it's eye, sitting
on top of a bush,

interesting wind-stressed vegetation while I caught my breath,

and then the WOW factor of these public toilets near the
partly dismantled stands.

I was blown away with these dreamtime Aboriginal paintings

covering the whole building and the sacred snake holding it
in it's embrace.

Wonderful colours, wonderful design and execution.

Enlarge if you so desire . . .

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ People watching

People walking,

standing still and watching . . .

Enlarge if you so desire!

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Weekend Reflections - Just one of our dams . . .

The dam in the park the Prof planted almost 20 years ago
at this time of year reflects mainly tones of green,

with our resident grebes looking like they are having a single
sculls race.

Enlarge if you like.

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