Monday, July 11, 2011

MY WORLD ~ A trip north . . .

Another of our trips north through farming and dry-lands
to where northern mountain ranges rise.

After driving for a few hours we were hungry, so we stopped
in Auburn for lunch at, would you believe it, The House of the
Rising Sun! Well almost, at the Rising Sun anyway. I have
always loved that song and my daughter sings it beautifully.

The food was good and the service super friendly in a pub setting.

Onward through rather monotonous country where the main
attraction was the sky,

to a distant view of Mt Remarkable

at the foot of which lies Melrose, our goal for the day.

It was a long day's drive and we were exhausted, dark was
setting in and we just veged out in our cabin with this cute
little butterfly/moth in the bathroom.

Next morning we discovered the cause of all the bangs on
the window. We had passed through swarms of them on the way,
locusts, bashing their heads in against the glass and providing
free take-aways for the ants who were dismembering them and
carrying them off piece by piece even though before they were

Only after taking some photos did I look up at the view from
our cabin, hmm, not exactly prepossessing . . .

ah, but it did have compensations, fifteen minutes worth of
a huge flock of Little Corellas on a fly-by in front of the dark
trees at the foot of the mountain, screeching as they flew and
looking for all the world like a swirling snow-storm. Corellas
are white parrots that multiply to plague proportions in grain
growing country. You could hear landholders setting off
gunshots to keep the flock from settling on their trees.

A cloud drifted over the ridge and down the mountainside,
drowning the view and leaving us to spend the rainy day
resting up before continuing our journey.

We managed a walk the next day and spotted this beautiful
Xanthorrhoea, locally and most politically incorrectly called a
Black Boy, just before dark. (Enlarge for a better look.)

The lights were just coming on in the little historical town of
Melrose, South Australia.

Some parrots will follow in my birds post to-morrow.

The world is a wonderful place, click on the Logo and see it from
your armchair.


  1. beautiful moth to greet you for your stay. enjoyed the countryside photos.

  2. Lovely trip you've taken us on, as always, Arija! I love the moth! And what beautiful skies! Hope your week is off to a good start! Take care!


  3. You took some wonderful shots on your trip. I love the blue sky with clouds and I think the farmland has its own appeal.

  4. The shots from your tip are wonderful.

  5. Your country from an armchair Arija - I have enjoyed the tour.

  6. The world is a wonderful place indeed, Arija. Ans even though you said the sky was the main attraction you've also shown us so much more. The moth is intriguing for sure, as is the "Black Boy."

  7. I adore these road trips you take us on! Love the wonderful photos and the elaborate details you provide for each stage of the journey.
    Take care. Have a happy day Arija.

  8. What a great tour!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Sounds as though you are enjoying yourself and I so enjoy reading as a tag if only I could take it all in for real, but you give it the next best effort. The image third one up from the bottom, it is so captivating, just so incredible an image. That moth is really too cool Arija! The Locusts look very much like what we call Katydids. Look forward to the next installment~

  10. Hundreds and hundreds of white parrots flying against a green backdrop seem like a gorgeous sight to me. But I can see how their presence can be too much of a good thing if they destroy farmland. Locusts, too, can be a problem but it is sad to see them so broken. The pretty moth picture was a delight to see, though!

  11. Hi Arija - You're on another road trip! That Moth is a beauty. The photo of the ants and locust is so crisp. I guess that is the way of Nature - even if it seems cruel to us. Stay well!

  12. That is one colorful moth!
    I like the details you capture.

  13. I enjoyed your company through fascinating images and your narration. I never look tired of looking up at the sky for its beauty, its immensity, and its ever-changing melody created by the cloud formation. Australia is a huge country, I understand how tiring it is to drive a whole day.

    Little creatures have the loveliness of their own regardless of their harmfulness to us. I have a little sympathy to the aggressive locust becoming a prey alive to ants, knowing it's nature's way. The moth is beautiful..., when it is alone.

    Happy days ahead.

  14. interresting tour. Lots to see and enjoy. :)Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lots of gorgeous scenery and lots of lovely little critter photos. These photos make me look forward to our own road trip soon, hopefully in the not too distant future.

  16. More interesting tours. Your countryside does look so dry. Love the moth, and all those white birds.I'm glad we don't have Locusts here.
    Take care my friend.


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