Wednesday, July 27, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Trouble in Paradise

I have shown you my precious resident little grebes before
but now I am devastated . . . They have been raising little
families in the dam in our park for over 10 years but . . .
there is only one in their home dam, has there been a marriage
breakdown? has he a lady on the side, is she just bored with him?

Here she is, seemingly happy not to have to cook for two or
more and wash his socks . . . at last she has time to read a book
and indulge in a few hobbies . . .

You may not easily see him even when you enlarge the dam
at the end of our WILD WOOD but if you look ( possibly
with a jeweller's eye glass) in the far distance near the trees,
there is a little black dot. Yes, that is himself sulking or skulking
or maybe just waiting for the viagra he ordered so he can
resume his fathering duties.

I am at a stand, is the separation permanent, should I hire lawyers
for both or maybe some counselling is called for.

I do hope some of you who have been birding for a long time and
have oodles of experience will be able to advise me . . . I wait in
hope with bated breath . . .

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  1. Funny. Sorry, I have no advice, though. Good luck to them.

  2. Great post could he be suffering from a mid-life crises?

  3. I do hope they can sort things out between them. It'd be such a shame if they split up :-(

  4. Very amusing and entertaining commentary! You've put a smile on my face!
    Thanks Arija!

  5. Oh no, Arija, what a sad state of affairs. I hope the male soon returns to the dam and his little lady. Blessings, Jo

  6. LOL! i hope a counselor can help!

  7. What a beautiful set of photos!

  8. Yep, mid-life crisis without a doubt! Hope they can work through it!! A fun, delightful post as always, Arija, and lovely captures! Thanks for the smiles to start my day! Hope 'all of you' have a great week!!


  9. A wonderful read... cheered me up after la long day at work.

  10. Oh, dear...there is trouble in bird world, indeed! My guess is that hubby's just now cluing in to how big a responsibility fatherhood is. I'm sure a bit of time away will help him re-focus and be ready to start fresh. (And I do hope the missus doesn't give him too hard a time!)

    Loved the photos and the story...:)

  11. Ken Schneider to me

    Thank you, Aria. I wish I could help you with the dispute between the grebes. Hope it's not over money!

    With sport setting I find that unless the subject is large and moving it will focus on whatever branch is blowing about in front of it.

    I usually shoot with the aperture f/ number set low so as to not get much depth of field, but I see you like to take in the landscape, and a smaller aperture helps you there.

    Best wishes,


  12. Cute post, maybe they had a spat. I am sure eveything will be ok in the end. Great photos.

  13. Throw a little seed out there, the good stuff, they'll both be drawn in and will probably work it out. It is so good of you to care enough to share!

  14. Oh my Arija. I have no clue either. Have they always stayed together? In a wonderful home like you have provided for them, how could they seperate? I don't think the birds of the world quarrel seriously very much, but it is possible I guess. Please keep us informed. Good luck.

  15. I don't know..are grebes like mallards where the males lose interest and go to molt?

  16. Very funny!! Hope you get it solved. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Everyone, even birds, needs a respite! Nice pics!

  18. What a wonderful commentary on the seemingly sad state of affairs of the Grebe couple. Perhaps, with time, they will solve their differences.

  19. I hope a marriage counselor will be able to solve the troubles in paradise!


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