Monday, July 25, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Winter Wonders

At last the days are getting just a little bit longer and instantly
the almond blossoms awaken to give us hope of spring to come.

Their little stars light up my world.

Just because of the unusual moisture in the soil, the roses
have burst into bloom

and on a sunny day, the bees brave the temperature to
seek a drop of fresh nectar.

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  1. Such delightful shots!

  2. I know you're looking forward to spring and with such lovely flowers it's easy to understand why!! Beautiful captures as always, Arija! Hope you have a great week!


  3. Winter disappearing and spring waking up is the best feeling in the world, isn't it?

  4. Omw, spring blossoms already and they're freezing back home in South Africa! I hope you're keeping well, Arija. Blessings, Jo

  5. Nice to see spring coming your way. I'm still seeing roses bloom in the forest amongst many other flowers. Guess fall isn't here yet.

  6. oh, so sweet to see your world just awakening for spring.

  7. Beautiful images of spring... It's wonderful to see different seasons as they happen all over this wonderful planet.

  8. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. Great picture from your side of the world.
    Happy week!

  9. It won't be long now, Arija! Before you know it, your gardens will be bursting with color again. It's such a great joy to spot the awakening of your babies, isn't it? I enjoyed your lovely photos. Thanks.

    Take care!

  10. I'm quite surprised that your winters are sooo short!

  11. Beautiuful photos, lovely springtime! Here the summer is soon over...

  12. Hi there - no spring flowers here yet - but I still get a surprise when I see bees on a sunny day in winter! We have a hive in a power pole down the road amd I often take the kids down there for a "bee up-date"!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  13. TexWisGirl

    not yet, jus a foretaste of what is to come.


    thank you!


    I enjoy every season but it is so nice to see the sap rise and tell of things to come.


    winter is nowhere near disappearing yet, our coldest time comes in August.


    we too are cold here and will be colder yet but almonds always bloom in mid-July and our winter temps. are like European spring so spring bulbs and violets are giving colour, perfume and joy.


    not yet sprig for a good month, the roses are just confused because the dry summer sent them into dormancy and the late autumn rains we had, woke them up before their time.

    Missing moments.

    yes, the best part of any season is watching the changes set in.


    thank you for leaving such nice comments. This is just a foretaste of spring. Our winters are not so severe that we cannot have fresh flowers on the table all year round.


    thank you. I find flowers that foreshadow the over-abundance of spring, the sweetest of all.


    thank you for stopping by. My garden is already bursting with colour and wherever I go I take a bouquet of flowers. Things will get colder before spring bursts on the scene but but living in a climate where there are flowers all year round has it's advantages although I do mis white winters and a period of total dormancy in the winter where I can catch my breath.


    Our winters are not short, just mild. The really cold part is yet to come.


    Our winter will last for another 6 weeks. I am sorry that the halcyon days of summer will soon be over for you. Although your winters are long and hard, the summers make up with beauty what they lack in length.


    I am sure that violets are blooming on old gardens in Melbourne. During our recent cold spell, there was not a bee in sight but as soon as the sun came out, the place was buzzing. I was surprised to have enough ripe broad beans in the garden for a meal. There must have ben at least one busy bee there in a brake of the rain.

  14. Great shots! If you like share this beautiful *blues* of the sky with us on *PicStory* this week. You are warmly envited! :) LG Tina

  15. Gorgeous blossoms and photos, Arija!

  16. Gorgeous blossoms and photos, Arija!

  17. So hard for us to think of spring!! Boom & Gary of the Vermil;on River, Canada.

  18. Beautiful glimpses of spring for you while I can`t wait for the autumn as it is so hot here right now. However the coming of spring wherever you are in the world is always a lovely thing!

  19. What fun to be having a touch of spring in the winter. Great shots of your beautiful world.

  20. Beautiful spring shots. The days are getting shorter here, and I wouldn't be surprised to see snow in the next two months.

  21. we are so cold here that I don't even dare to think of spring. How's winter over in Oz?

  22. we are so cold here that I don't even dare to think of spring. How's winter over in Oz?

  23. Early Spring is my favorite time, when the world around us awakens from the drearys of winter. We are already stacking up firewood. I don't look forward to this season any more.


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