Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature Notes ~ A week to Mid-winter

Rain, high winds, grey skies and more rain, much more rain.
Just the time for some comfort food that you can enjoy the
aroma of for a while before it comes out of the oven.

Blogger flatly refused to upload my first picture so here is the
second step.
Peel and cut some potatoes into reasonable pieces, stir through
a large or more leek, some chopped up ham, salt and pepper and
pour over some good quality cream (picture below).

Cover with some bacon strips and shove it into a 350 F oven,
You can give it a covering of cheese as well, I just didn't have
any to hand

and, Bingo! about an hour or so you have this delicious thing
come out of the oven! Serve with a nice fresh salad and a glass
of wine and you have a nourishing meal just right for a cold
winter evening.

Looks like I was a bit generous with the cream!!! If you are on a
diet you can use just milk but be careful since it will boil over
more readily than the cream.

The anomaly of the week: a self seeded Borage plant (normally
a summer staple) delighting me with it's blue flowers that turn
pink when they have been fertilised and yes, there was someone
there to do the deed even in this weather!

Borage flowers can be used to provide a touch of blue in a salad
and, since they smell and taste of cucumber, to dress up summer
drinks as well.

Now go to Rambling Woods and join this fun meme for yourself!


  1. Still getting flowers and only half way thru winter. Hmmmm

    Dinner looks delicious. Sort of like my scalloped potatoes.

  2. You have me drooling and it's only 10am. I'm going to try that next week.

  3. I just love the flower, the colors are gorgeous. And your recipe sounds delicious. I will give it a try.

  4. I frequently make a version of this Arija and sometimes use chicken stock instead of cream if I am on a diet - but it is better with cream and it has made my mouth water just to see the photograph!

  5. That looks yummy Arija! I will definitely try it. Take care.
    A bientot !

  6. beautiful flower! and any weather is comfort food weather!

  7. Winter?!?! I forgot where you were for a second. It's tropical rains and Thunder storms all this week in Florida. I just happen to have some potatoes. I'll pick up some Leeks on the way home and give this a try.

  8. The dish looks delicious. The borage plant has such lovely flowers.

  9. What a gorgeous flower. Love blue in nature. Looks like you had a tasty dinner!

  10. Yum, yum, that casserole looks so good Arija. I can almost taste it!
    Good info about the Borage flowers, and they are so pretty.
    Thanks too, for writing me about the birds letting the sun into their feathers. I love learning new things like this!
    We had our share of way too much rain. Now it's just plain hot!

  11. The leeks must have been too strong for Blogger? Seriously, that's one fine looking dish. I love leeks in any form or recipe.

  12. That looks so good even with the hot weather we are having..What a lovely sin..cream...I love it.. and how I love a surprise in your borage flower....hugs...

  13. That does look delicious. We have wild leeks in our woods in spring, so I think I'll print out your recipe and give it a go when they sprout next year.


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