Monday, July 18, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Bell's Beach

Bell's Beach, Victoria, a famous surf beach which, just before
we got there, had hosted the Surf Carnival. Luckily we were not
there with the crowds.

Going down to the beach . . . as you can see, it is a looong way down.

Surfers with their boards were passing us in their haste to get
down there where they paddled out to sea around the cliffs on
the left to surf in on the other side, climb the hill, go down
and repeat the performance.

On this day, the sea was deceptively calm but just looking at
the foam stirred up was a strong deterrent to dipping my toes
not only for fear of the undertow but also the rocks that one
could get swept onto.

Looking up the beach it seemed to be the perfect place just to be,
to sit and soak up the turmoil of the sea and the wonderful peace.

Although I love a dip in the ocean, these waves I did not
find particularly inviting,

not this kind of turbulent water crashing on the beach.

Leaving the beach, we climbed up at the other end on a little
path with this Wattle bird with a mean look in it's eye, sitting
on top of a bush,

interesting wind-stressed vegetation while I caught my breath,

and then the WOW factor of these public toilets near the
partly dismantled stands.

I was blown away with these dreamtime Aboriginal paintings

covering the whole building and the sacred snake holding it
in it's embrace.

Wonderful colours, wonderful design and execution.

Enlarge if you so desire . . .

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  1. love the beach views. the blue skies, water and reddish brown sands with only white wavecrests to keep them separated. lovely. the bathroom designs are really bright and captivating.

  2. I'd have stayed out of the water too but the beach looks like a delightful place to just sit. And those paintings are Awesome!

  3. I love water of any kind, and especially beaches. Of course I would rather be hunting for sea glass or Sharks teeth. Marvelous walk Arija. Love the toilets too! Such an imagination of the painter.

  4. What a gorgeous place! Love the beach, the water, the view!! Definitely my kind of place! The Aboriginal paintings are fantastic! Hope you have a great week, Arija!


  5. Looks like a great beach--I'm with you though, I'd rather just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. I have a healthy respect for the ocean and its power. Beautiful place to spend time and relax. I love the driftwood too. Mickie :)

  6. That beach dies look inviting,but only to sit on and watch the waves roll in.

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and memories of your trip. Hope you had enjoyed!

    Be well,

  8. What a great post.
    Wonderful waves beautifully captured...
    I could watch waves for hours and the toilets are fantastic to see...
    Art as it should be...seen by everyone.

  9. Wonderful photos! I love the beach, it is so beautiful and you have captured it very well!

  10. Great tour of a beautiful beach!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. The sea can lull us into a sense of security so you are wise to consider the dangers. To simply sit and enjoy the magnificent rush of water to the shore sounds like an elevating experience. And a rest would surely be in order after going down all those stairs. Also, nice how the art on the wall provides a made-made form of spectacular!

  12. That looks like an incredible beach, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. If the water was warm, I'd love to swim in waves like those (or would have in my younger days).

  13. Beach views and blue skies are inviting. However, I’m with you, I like to be on the beach hearing the sound of the waves and looking at the tides. I was often told "Be cautious, there’s rocks under the seemingly beautiful current." symbolically. Though Japanese archipelago is surrounded by the sea, there are few beahces good for surfing. Aborigine's paintings are fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Have happy days ahead.

  14. Beautiful spot! You certainly get your exercise getting to and from the beach. I am not a fan of swimming with the rocks either.

  15. Gorgeous beach and a wonderful way to spend the day!

  16. The beach is stunning as is the amazing Aboriginal art!

  17. Hi there - I always wonder about surfers! Being brought up where I was surfing seemed so exotic - but now I see most of them cold and half drowned it does not look so glamorous! But I dont suppose they think bird watching was that interesting!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  18. Amazing shots. Gorgeous place.

  19. Oh wow - that beach is just gorgeous!

  20. Thank you for this tour on the beach. It's beautiful. I suppose there are no sharks here? In Queensland there are saltwater crocks. But only if a river is nearby. Even so I am always a bit scared to swim there.
    Thanks for your visit!

  21. Wonderful beach pictures! It's fascinating to watch the waves.

  22. Beautiful beach! - There was only my hubby feeding the swans :) LG Tina

  23. Your world is stunning! The color of the sea and bubbling white waves・・・ All what I want to see in summer is here. I'm wondering what kind of story dreamtime is. Aboriginal paintings are amazingly beautiful!

  24. I'm not sure what impresses me more, that beautiful beach or the murals gracing the wall of the restrooms. A beautiful post, Arija.

  25. That's a beautiful beach and so well photographed. I also love the paintings.

  26. I love the paintings.. great post..
    Have a great day..

  27. Oh, what a wonderful beach and weaves. I just love it! Great photos

  28. Hello Arija, What a fun walk with you! Your views are amazing. The colors in those paintings are fabulous, too.


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