Saturday, February 28, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 17 Memories of Spring

SkyWatch 2 posts down!

Pleae click pictures to enlarge for full effect.

Part of Tulip bed in the farm garden last spring

White Iceland Poppies dancing with red Ranunculi

I just love single Anemones

Another part of the Tulip bed. Unless I totally
replant this year, there will be no Tulips next
Spring, the bulbs were all cooked in the ground
this summer.

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Thank you Luiz, Denise and Laerte for the wonderful
work you do in organizing this meme.

All Things Great and Small

The wonder of living things
great and small
some we know of
or not at all
that lurk in the murk
on sea floor and cave
the dragon's lair
or the curling wave
All creatures
all different
one from the other
the ant and the elephant
each one through the ages
developed their own special traits
man tries to clone
but God just creates

We name but the species by feather and bill

by cloven foot or porcupine quill

while God gives each one
in His kingdom the grace
to be perfect for that
one particular place.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SkyWatch ~ 24 Aspects of a Sunrise

Please click on photo for best effect.

The rising sun lights up the sky

then pulls the light away

to bask in its own reflection in a window glass.

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Thanks to Klaus and the SkyWatch team we can all
enjoy skies around the world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cat and I

The cat sat on the mat
and yes she did do that

but when she saw me sitting down
she clawed her ancient frame
upon my knee, and kneading
needle sharp through skin and flesh
expressed her love for me
Curled up in perfect unison
both lost in thought of long ago
of what once was and never more
shall come to pass
in moonlit grove
or looking glass.

Sent Back Once More

Back fron the gates of shades I come
wolves howling at my heels
I do not hurry, flee or run
they send me back
my day not done
The wolf is my companion
my guide and my protector
my journey yet unfinished
my work not wholly done.
Wolf detail from painting by Yasmin Flint.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 16 A Trip to Queensland, 1st. Day

Dawn in last year's autumn garden looking down to
our daughtr's house.

After a long day's driving, we cross from South
Australia into New South Wales and get to
Wentworth on the Darling river after dark and are
accosted by a Brushtail Possum looking for handouts.
Befor I saw the sign not to feed the animals, I had
already slipped him a piece of banana.

Overnighting in a cabin in the caravan pk. I wake
to waterfowl in the early morning light.

A smug Black Duck reflecting

Male Mallard with Wood Duck behind him

This one has the look of a Pygmy Goose but
colour and location do not quite match.

A large domestic duck nesting in a root hollow

A Dusky Moorhen, the bane of ducklings, sailing
on some duckweed.

Male Wood Duck basking in the gold reflection
from a moored boat

And a Duckling glad to have escaped the
beak of the Moorhens ,

Next week, onward to the Warrumbungles.
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My gratitude to Klaus and the MY WORLD team
for giving us the opportunity to show our corner.

Friday, February 20, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ 16 Red, Red Roses

To all those who wished me well during my recent
indisposition, I dedicate these roses with my thanks.

All from last year's magical garden

still blooming bright in my memory.

My gratitude to Luiz, Denise and Laerte for giving
us so many wonderful flowers to choose from.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

MY WORLD ~ 15 Temperate Rainforest

Please click on any photo to enlarge.

New leaves on a Tree Fern, Dicksonia antarctia

new growth on another at the forest's edge. In the
background Northophagus antarctica, from the
days when the continents were still joined.

a valley a little further with a river flowing through
it. These Tree Ferns were the understory of beautiful
Eucalyptus regnans, the kings of the forest which did
not survive the fires a few years ago

a stand of the regal regrowth after the 1939 fire

this is what it looks like two to three years after
a bush fire, on the left the fire must have been a little
less fierce and the timber at least partly useable and
felled. The forest on the right was reduced to match
sticks. How many of the live trees in my photo of
last November have survived I do not know. With such
extreme fire condition my heart is heavy and fearful for
the lovely forests I have previously posted.

Thank you Klaus and MY WORLD team for giving us
this lovely meme.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

TÓDAY'S FLOWERS ~ 15 From Last Year's Garden

Daphne odora, grown from a cutting, has a
heavenly scent!

Polyanthus, so pretty in the Spring.

Iceland Poppies, graceful as fairies dancing.

To Luiz, Denise and Laerte my thanks
for making this meme possible.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SkyWatch ~ 23 A Sad, Sad Sunrise

Click to enlarge.

Our country is in mourning.
Loss of life climbing towards 300 from the fires in Victoria.
Hospitals full of burns victims.
Queensland to the north ravaged by massive floods
and South Australia where we are, stricken
by drought.
5 empty dams, some bore water left for the minimal core
of our animals and rationed rainwater for our two households.
Another heat wave is approaching.
Everything is tinder dry, should a repeat performance of
Ash Wednesday 1983 occur when we had our turn, we have
no water reserves to protect ourselves.
Our hearts and prayers are with the Bush Fire victims in
Victoria and New South Wales and all those affected by the
loss of life in the Queensland flooods.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Unchained Melody....

Dearest friends.

as you know, on the 29th. Jan. I went in for a day surgery procedure. Two hospitals and 11 days later, I have been unshackled from the iron bedstead and released on home detention.

Your kind wishes, prayers and thoughts have sustained me during my captivity.
I thank you all for standing by me during this time, and hope to be able to post at least for SkyWatch this week.

It may take me a while to leave comments on your blogs as I still need some recovery time.

With grateful appreciation, hugs to you all, Arija

Monday, February 2, 2009

a proxypost....

Last Thursday Arija was admitted to hospital for day surgery...unfortunately things became rather more complicated than initially anticipated and so they haven't let her out yet. When I saw her this afternoon she was smiling [a good sign] despite being captive in a room that looks out onto a less than delightful brick wall.
She asked me to let her regular readers know that while she's still on the planet, posting stories and pix is a tad challenging at present. I have my fingers crossed that she'll bounce back to her usual self soon...

posted by India [daughter of Arija]
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