Monday, May 31, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Seen in Sydney

Turning into lobsters on a Sydney beach,

then feasting on them in a restaurant

and, for good measure, a lovely little old lady who, with her
arthritic hands, still makes these intricate swans from tiny
pieces of precisely folded paper.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ As Autumn Turns to Winter

As winter sets in, the shadehouse is starting to produce an
occasional Orchid or two.

Lashed by late Autumn storms and drenched by sudden rain
squalls, a brave Rose still holds up her head.

The wind whistles around corners and all too soon these colourful
leaves on the Tree Peony will be just a memory.

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Thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. and the other brave souls who co-ordinate
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just One More

This one belongs to the post below. It flatly refused
to load before.

Enlarge it and enjoy the wonder of the embossed
print of the Eucalyptus buds on the very edge of the
fabric. I run my fingers over them . . . it is like caressing
the live buds with my fingertips.
To clear up a small misunderstanding, India made it for
me while I was in intensive care where it was so sterile that
not even flowers were allowed, it kept me warm and sane there.
I am happily at home now and mending nicely, hospital
was no place for a computer as my sight also was affected
with all the anti-biotics.
Here's to getting well and walking the greening paddocks.
Thank you all for caring and sending me so many kind thoughts.

A Pathway to Enchantment . . .

A path of wonder created for this very privileged
mother by Indi@, just to bring the farm to my sterile
hospital bed.

A magic carpet ride on this piece of milky merino jersey. that
brought with the contact prints of Eucalypts from the farm
their healing scent as well

Rich reds blazed like sunsets gently fading into purples

of dreamlike softness bedded on the softest greens

Nature in a nutshell! No chemicals, no added mordants, just
knowhow and years of experimenting with natural found treasures.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

SkyWatch ~ and God picked up a brush . . . .

and, with great exuberance

made magic in the skies . . . .

as, with startling suddenness

the dome of sky glowed with pure wonder.

Please enlarge for greatest enjoyment ... if nothing else, at least
the last one.

To be continued, God willing, next week . . .

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Nature Notes ~ Autumn Fades Away

It seems while I was sleeping, the glory of autumn has passed
me by. On my returm home, we at last had some rain decorating
the few remaining red leaves on my Crepe Myrtle.

All that is left now is the Leprechaun gold of Quince and Poplar.

Yet even now, with winter but a few days away, a herald of the
bounty of next summer is at hand, the Loquat tree unstintingly
puts forth its fragrant blossoms for December's delicious crop
of golden fruit.

The heavy fruit of Ruby Grapefruit swell for spring ripening

and the goslings, having grown in size yet not in wisdom,

still run an flap to the safety of the ducks with whom they grew
up in the foxproof pen.

In days of yore, I had a pair of geese who would drive strangers
from our yard and woe betide the unwary postman!

How times have changed! With the rain our surroundings have
greened up and the denizens of the fowlyard now forage in the
garden and farmyard with the dogs (fingers crossed) keeping
the foxes at bay.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

MY WORLD ... has temporarily shrunk

Being mainly stuck in bed on home detention is not so bad when
you have a trusty camera for bedfellow.

Thoughtful friends send flowers, fragrant cups of early morning
tea appear up the hill in fog and rain by courtesy of loving daughter
pointing out the window .....

at someone watching us ..... there were at least three of them

as well as the intently grazing sheep ...

The camera levitated and headed in to the car-port hoping for
more and came up trumps.

Circumnavigating the cars, she let me get quite close

before discretion seemed the better part of valour

just two hops and another stop to look, probably wishing she
had a camera too ...

and so, past the driveway gate and a final look in farewell.

The world is full of interest if only we look with the heart.

The pics are so much nicer when enlarged.

Thanks to the MY WORLD team for the chance of once more
posting on this meme.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SkyWatch ~ Lazarus Rises Again

Life so unexpectedly, occasionally whips up unavoidable storm

I seem to have developed a habit of knocking on the pearly gates.
Had I been a Victorian heroine of old, I would simply have fainted
at the sight of blood and that would have been that.

Your's truly though, when faced with a spurting vein, grabbed
anything for a pad, strapped it with an elastic bandage and, since
there was no-one else around, drove myself into the nearest hospital.

Exactly a month later, with nasty germs colonizing my man-made
as well as other heat valves, I have just today been given home
detention with daily anti-biotic infusions by a visiting nurse for at
least three more weeks.

To all of my staunch friends and followers who have sent me love and
support, you cannot imagine how much your caring has meant to me
and how much your healing thoughts have helped to bring me back
again. I carry you all in my heart and only wish I could give you all
individual hugs.

Below is proof that every cloud has a silver lining!

Life is so fragile, live it as though there were no tomorrow!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


some of you out there may have been wondering at the silence
and will spot an unfamiliar hand at work

is doing time
not at the penitentiary
but in the hospital

things were looking rather dark
but now there are a few experimental rays
peeping through the clouds
although we're not quite out of the woods yet

it may take a while
but she promises to be back

posted at her command
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