Monday, May 24, 2010

MY WORLD ... has temporarily shrunk

Being mainly stuck in bed on home detention is not so bad when
you have a trusty camera for bedfellow.

Thoughtful friends send flowers, fragrant cups of early morning
tea appear up the hill in fog and rain by courtesy of loving daughter
pointing out the window .....

at someone watching us ..... there were at least three of them

as well as the intently grazing sheep ...

The camera levitated and headed in to the car-port hoping for
more and came up trumps.

Circumnavigating the cars, she let me get quite close

before discretion seemed the better part of valour

just two hops and another stop to look, probably wishing she
had a camera too ...

and so, past the driveway gate and a final look in farewell.

The world is full of interest if only we look with the heart.

The pics are so much nicer when enlarged.

Thanks to the MY WORLD team for the chance of once more
posting on this meme.


  1. Your photos are wonderful as always and I love the kangaroo! What a delight it would be to be able to see one like this! I hope your week goes well, I continue to hold good thoughts for you, Arija, as always!


  2. Now that was nice of the Kangaroo to pay you a visit. Wonderful pictures Arija.
    Get well.

  3. I hope you are able to get about and enjoy each day.Perhaps on little outings.

  4. This is from your window? OMG! I will stay in bed and just draw in the comfort of pillows while I break my attention with a gaze outside the window sometimes. Still, I know what you mean. One cannot hold an eagle captive. Take care my beloved Arija, get well soon. Tsup!

  5. How wonderful! Great appearance of the kangaroo, they are such lovely animals. Fantastic photos. Feel better soon Arija.

  6. aloha,

    very beautiful photos, i love these kangaroos

    thanks for sharing world tuesday is on my plant fanatic blog

  7. What a delightful visitor Arija. It's hard for me to imagine looking out my window and seeing a kangaroo. Hope you are feeling better every day.

  8. How wonderful that the gentle creatures surround you and interact with you during your time of recovery at home.
    Be well soon, dear Arija!

    Prayers and blessings from Jerusalem.

  9. Amazing shots. Lovely sequence of images of Kangaroo.

  10. Nice to have visitors like that, we had some this morning at Coffin Bay.
    Keep getting better.

  11. amazing and beautiful world!

  12. u show to us a rural the world taht I had and lived when i was childhood...
    bice day

  13. "The world is full of interest if only we look with the heart."

    Arija, I couldn't agree more, and while I was looking at your "shrunken" world, I marveled: Only you could have captured so much beauty, with your eye and heart that knows and wants to see all there is. I am in awe, many a wildlife photographer would wish to frame what s/he sees with your skills.

    May you feel stronger every day and be surrounded by love always,

  14. I hope you are getting better every day. meanwhile, I am glad you can still have the computer to keep you entertained. My Sis in law was hospitalised recently, she found it too tired to read from the lap top.

  15. Hello Arija,
    come stai quest'oggi ?
    Spero bene :-)
    Queste foto di canguri sono meravigliosi... mi auguro che quel recinto delimiti una zona protetta e non una gabbia !
    Happy day.

  16. What an amazing view you have through your window! Cute visitors you have around your house.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  17. My goodness Arija. I have not checked in for a while, and read of your injury and time in hospital. Please get well soon,and I hope that you can get about a little now that you are home. You have some very interesting visitors bounding up to say hello!

  18. Wonderful pics Arija. I am hopingthat you will be better soon and out on your own with the camera.
    My flowerbeds have gone to weeds from a year recouping from two surgeries.....I think the plants are feral and fighting it out....
    Take care!!!


  19. Great post! Although we certainly have wild animals around here (a black bear ran through our yard once), we're not likely to see anything like this! I hope you get better soon.

  20. This is my first time here and I just wanted to say you have a beautiful blog with great photos. I hope you recover soon from what ails you.


  21. You are so right Arija about taking the time to see the world right in front of us. Your pictures are wonderful and your commentary candid! Hope you recover quickly so you can get out and enjoy more of our world.
    Blessings and smiles to you and yours.

  22. Hi Arija,

    I am happy to see some of Natures friends out to visit you.. The sweet little faces remind me so much of the Whitetail deer we see in our forests in Eastern Canada...

    I hope you are feeling better... so nice to see you back!!!

  23. I hope you are feeling better.

    Please take a moment and enjoy the photos of the little girl who came to visit by our kitchen window, in Vancouver Canada today. I posted the photos on my blog

  24. This is the first time I've seen Kangaroos in a post. Wonderful that you can get so close.
    I'm so glad you are feeling better Arija.
    Hugs and continuing prayers.

  25. I love the kangaroo shots, especially the last with the farewell look. I had a Snowshoe Hare in my yard today, and they somehow look a little like the kangaroo.

  26. Hello Arija! What a beautiful sequence of pictures! I like the kangaroos!
    I really hope you feel well soon.
    Happy week :-)

  27. She is Happy
    you are Blessed
    animal spirits
    are watching over you
    Arja I wish you all the best of things
    Take care
    TS XX

  28. I am amazed at your kangaroos outside your window just as you must be by my hummingbirds and Gambel's quail! Your blog is my window on your world and vice versa I am sure. So glad you are home again and able to show your world to all of us once again. I'm glad the 'roo came by to say "hi" and make you smile! It made me smile too! (But you make me smile more!)


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