Sunday, May 30, 2010

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ As Autumn Turns to Winter

As winter sets in, the shadehouse is starting to produce an
occasional Orchid or two.

Lashed by late Autumn storms and drenched by sudden rain
squalls, a brave Rose still holds up her head.

The wind whistles around corners and all too soon these colourful
leaves on the Tree Peony will be just a memory.

All photos enlarge for greater enjoyment and the Logo at right
will take you to a wonderland of flowers.

Thanks to Luiz Santilli Jr. and the other brave souls who co-ordinate
this meme, we all have the chance to join in.


  1. Hi Arija
    oggi questi fiori sono stupendi !
    Grazie di condividerli con tutti noi :-)
    Happy day.

  2. Your orchid is just gorgeous! Wonderful photos!

  3. Even in the grip of Autumn storms and weather, there is still beauty and color in your garden.
    I envy the orchids...I have some in my house that I know nothing of for care....


  4. Anne,
    my poor orchids have had to fend for themselves for the last couple of years while my poor health has kept me from attending to both garden and shade house. I think they only flower to cheer me up.

  5. Nice photos but orchids are so lovely and your photo is fantastic.

  6. love it the first the color and the composition.nice day

  7. Such a gorgeous orchid, Arija! But then all of your flowers are gorgeous. Hope your winter is mild, your sun is warm and your days filled with happiness! Enjoy!


  8. I love roses, but the orchid is superb.

    Gorgeous week for you, Arija!

  9. Lovely flowers still holding on. The orchids are just gorgeous!

  10. Oooooh!!!! You are blooming! The orchid is sensational. YES!

    EEEK! What is that on the thumbnail photo? It is a giant spider? I am afraid to click!

    Tsup! Tsup! I love you more today.

  11. Beautiful Orchids and Rose.It is hard to think of Autumn,when we are just into Spring.

  12. Ola Arija,
    your orquidea is very beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Beautiful photos. Wonderfully captured. Thanks for sharing

  14. Seasons come and go; weathers batter places but plants live on and bloom with their might to give humans great delight. That's how your garden delights the bloggerworld.

    By the way, we are coming to Victor Harbor in September. Hope to experience SA cheese and wine tours and tasting. So am really looking forward to that day.

  15. Very beautiful and lovely flowers.

  16. Hello, my beautiful friend!
    It's another lovely day
    to wake up to and
    celebrate life
    while it is time
    for you to slumber
    and frolic
    in your dreams.
    Goodnight dearest Arija,
    sweet dreams!
    I shall await
    your good morning knock
    when it is time for me
    to hit the sack!

  17. I love the picture of your orchid...ow nice to have a shade house. Mine are on the shady porch for the summer. Re your coomment...wish I could get blueberries to grow we've tried several times...but rasperries are like weeds!

  18. Just read back in your blogs...hope your healt is improving.

  19. Beautiful flowers you have with winter approaching. I always enjoy the late bloomers that hang on the longest.

  20. Lovely flowers. A bit akward for me to think about winterstorms now as we're heading right towards summer.

  21. Roses are always beautiful but they fade in the presence of an orchid.
    Lovely photos.

  22. Sure glad there's still some blooms to admire even with winter coming on.

  23. Oh those orchids are just beautiful. Jim loves orchids and we used to have quite a few. Brave rose indeed. Ours are just starting to flower!

  24. The orchids are stunning!
    I love rain on flowers except my peonies that don't fair as well as your brave beautiful rose.

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for my Mom. She turned 75!

  25. Three very different things and all wonderfully beautiful!

  26. Lovely flower photos :)

    Thanks for dropping by, sorry for the late visit...

  27. Those flowers are really very beautiful.


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