Saturday, September 19, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Spring has sprung

Often last winter I did not expect to see another spring
yet here it is, in all it's glory

even without the ability to care for my garden,
it gives me joy after joy

anemones have been more glorious than ever
all winter long I had things flowering
to feed any bee brave enough
to venture out

I had so much blossom from white to deep pink
that I could shake the trees over visiting children
hand have them dancing around in veritable 
snowfalls of petals

tulips have gone crazy and multiplied like rabbits

even Kookie was astonished
at this fringed variety

only my daffodils turned their backs on me
but glowed like stars in a midnight sky
to light up an overgrown patch of garden.

Please forgive me for only sporadic visiting.
I find it hard to sit at the computer
and enjoy so very much when YOU pop by.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skywatch - Sunrise and moonset

Spring is here, as well as a few clouds

sunrise on one side of my garden 
and simultaneous moonset on the other

a great time to be outdoors

Enjoy your spring or autumn,
whatever season you have
you'll never see the same again,
every day has it's very own wonders.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday - Drive-by shooting . .

Some time ago when travelling in the Australian inland,
in the middle of no-where
it was a good year for Emu

families of eight or nine kept popping up on either side

unfortunately, when going at 110km, 
the conditions for bird photography are less than ideal

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