Saturday, September 19, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS & I Heart Macro - Spring has sprung

Often last winter I did not expect to see another spring
yet here it is, in all it's glory

even without the ability to care for my garden,
it gives me joy after joy

anemones have been more glorious than ever
all winter long I had things flowering
to feed any bee brave enough
to venture out

I had so much blossom from white to deep pink
that I could shake the trees over visiting children
hand have them dancing around in veritable 
snowfalls of petals

tulips have gone crazy and multiplied like rabbits

even Kookie was astonished
at this fringed variety

only my daffodils turned their backs on me
but glowed like stars in a midnight sky
to light up an overgrown patch of garden.

Please forgive me for only sporadic visiting.
I find it hard to sit at the computer
and enjoy so very much when YOU pop by.

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  1. Loving your garden. Loving even more seeing a post from you.
    Revel in the beauty you have created.

  2. Oh, such delightful captures, Arija!! Beautiful, colorful flowers and an adorable doggie!! Thank you so much for sharing and it is SO good to see you online again! I have missed you!!

  3. I also have missed you so this is a special post from you. Your flowers have given me a brightness to start the day. I am just about to plant the bulbs of Anenomes for the first time. Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Oh Arija, how GOOD to see you again. Glad you're seeing another spring. Love this beautiful post and I loved seeing Kookie for the firs time. Have a blessed weekend. Jo

  5. Such lovely tulips, you are so lucky to get them to come again.

    1. Luck has little to do with it Penny, a lot of love and hard work makes it happen.

  6. It all looksbeautiful! Hard to realize you're getting warmer while we get colder!

  7. I completely understand the joy our garden gives us back for all our past care, even when we cannot care for it now....just lovely!

  8. Oh my! These flowers are wonderful,like many to my eyes.Thank you so much for sharing them.

  9. what a pleasure to see spring and the flowers in your country, all come so beatiful and here in Denmark we are waiting autumn and winter , but theese days lovely late summer days and still some flowers to see , happy for you that India soon arrive home , have meet her in Scotland august , enjoy every day

  10. Dear Arija ... I am so very glad when your posts pop up on my Feedly favorites list. And I am delighted to see your Spring beauties. Your garden is lovely and shows the love that you have for it and all the work of past years... Now is your time to just enjoy! Let others do the heavy lifting (metaphorically speaking).... Even if nobody does anything at all, those daffodils are going to bloom anyway! All so lovely. Thanks for sharing with this non gardener... I gave up On it sooner than you did.

  11. Arija... I saw your comment on Sallie's blog. I know you have had health problems for some time and I am so sorry it is so difficult. I remember years ago that you posted about being an "ent" and that you could handle much on your shoulders.

    Thank you for being a sympathetic ear and wise presence. Many hugs... Michelle

  12. I came by to see how you were doing Arija, and lo and behold I see this lovely post that I missed. All very beautiful photos, especially loved the one with precious Kookie. Just letting you know I was thinking about you and send you lots of hugs.

  13. Such beautiful images! I particularly love the second image, the details are divine!


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