Saturday, October 10, 2015

TODAY'S FLOWERS -- another odd year

Spring had barely come
with all it's blossomy glory

outside my garden fence

my favourite ornamental blossom tree, Malus floribunda.
At duk, I stand engulfed by it's scent and blossoms


wisteria coming into bloom,
 again the heady scent was almost too much at times

all this delicate wonder was destroyed by two hot, hot days
as summer struck us in the face in mid spring,
complete with a bushfire close by

as a consolation prize,
this splendid, huge bloom opened among the faded 
splendour of the wisteria.

No complaints, the consolation prize was a real beauty!

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  1. Oh, what gorgeous, colorful flowers, Arija!! Wonderful captures and how great to see you online again!! Hope you are well!!

  2. LOVE your consolation prize. Summer hit here too. Hard. Hottest days for October ever recorded. It is milder now, and I hope not an omen of things to come.
    Stay safe.

  3. You have shared some gorgeous blooms.

  4. It certainly was a beautiful prize Arija. All your flowers are gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing them with Today's Flowers.

  5. I like seeing your blossoms as the snow glistens on my peaks!

  6. Beautiful flowers... I hope the fires stay away from you... Michelle

    1. Oh Arija I hope so much that this is not another fire summer for you. The rose is a lovely compensation prize. I suppose there's a lesson there for people of advanced age... As we lose one thing, we gain another ??? But darn it, sometimes I want my wisteria AND my roses both .

  7. Oh I am so happy to see Spring has arrived in your yard, now if only I could come and visit and bask in it there, for I feel like I never saw it come and go from here. The tree fell and that was the end of my Spring. I love all of those colours, just beautiful. Hugs dear one~

  8. Arija, as you embrace spring, we are welcoming Autumn here in Maine! Nice to see your flowers blooming while mine are fading fast! I hope that wildfire stay far away from you and your home!

  9. Gorgeous blooms, Arija. I love the Ornamental Blossom tree!

  10. I love your garden - it looks a little like mine. Do you live in the Hills?

  11. Lovely blooms! The rose is gorgeous.

  12. Such pretty flower shots.

  13. beautiful spring renewal. be well, arija.

  14. Wow, you have a wonderful garden, Arija !
    Nice to see such beautiful spring colours as we have autumn here...

  15. I think the Malus floribunda is new to me. No wonder it's a favourite of yours.

  16. ah, the season of flowers, so lovely. I can almost spell them. Bushfires are no fun! We had so many this past summer. Hopefully winter snow and ice is making sure that they are all out.

    Thank you for your interest in my jewelry. They are in my shop:
    I hope that helps. You may still choose a card.


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