Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are some of the roses in my front garden, unfortunately
they are just fading and apart from them there are just two white
Oriental Lilies in a pot to give me consolation.

This bed of roses is in tones of pink, except for 'Avon', the one
touch of red as contrast.

In the back garden most roses are in the inbetween phase.
Below is 'Perle d'Amour', the flowers are only just over 1"
across but sweetly perfumed and profuse in repeating.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

SkyWatch ~ Crazy Clouds

Early afternoon I braved the heat to shift a dribbling hose,
one look at the sky and back I went for my trusty Nikon
The sky to the west that first attracted my attention.

Shifting position slightly to south-west and into the deep blue

a subtle turn to south and the blue becomes unbearably beautiful
with the white clouds shifting and veering against it.

and pointing my lens straight up into the depths of the universe,
a ballet of clouds dashing and whirling over head.

Did I shift the hose? Oh yes, after I could untangle my eyes
from the wonder in the sky.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

TODAY'S FLOWERS ~ Dusk in the Garden

Dusk falls gently in my garden after a long day of judging
children's pets at our local agricultural show. I am very tired
but happy remembering the children's glowing faces as the
deserving were presentd with their sashes.

Now I can appreciate the peace and quiet beauty of the last light
on my roses drifting scent from every direction.

Above, a massed bed of pink with just one red rose among them.

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The beautiful 'Heritage', one of David Austin's roses that I
absolutely love.

Below, a close up with a few dew drops shining on the petals.

The mystery hour, the blue hour, the light fades while the
flowers glow like fairy lights until you hear the merry
laughter from the bushes, from the grass, from the trees ....

and gently tinkling from between the gleaming petals ....

Are the gods strewing rose petals on your path too with
fairies thrown in for good measure?
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Monday, March 15, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Some Tropical Butterflies

It is high time I posted this little collection of tropical butterflies
from our trip to Queensland.

Enjoying a 'Chelsea Gem' Lantana,

or the nectar from 'Geisha Girl'.

They are so very different to the butterflies we have in cooler

Even the simple browns have bright markings.

I am sorry I could not get a better picture or the irridescent
blues on this one. A little further north they are brilliant blue
all over flitting about like so many shining sapphires.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


I feel like The Little Prince with his one rose, my Oriental Lily
now has two open flowers and a bud yet to come.

She lights my day and perfumes the whole side of the house.
I wish I could can the scent and send it to each and every one
of you.

I love the little feelers on her petals and the streaks of green
at her heart, truly a wonder of creation.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

SkyWatch ~ Sailing into Tonight's Sunset

It started out quite gently, just tinting the sky with pastel tones

then, changing moods, the sky became threatening and vaguely

before its final great burst of solid colour. The whole experience
was like sailing ove trouble waters.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Renee has grown Wings

Renee and Wahid at a happy family wedding.

Now Renee has earned her wings and her worldly sufferings are over.

The Weaver

My life is but a weaving
between my Lord and me;
I cannot chose the colours,
He worketh steadily.

Oftentimes He weaveth sorrow
and I , in foolish pride,
forget that He seeth the upper
and I the under side.

Not till the loom is silent,
and the shuttles cease to fly,
shall God unroll the canvas
and explain the reason why

the dark hreads are as needful
in the weaver's skillful hand,
as the threads of gold and silver
in the pattern he has planned.


Farwell dear Renee ... wherever the light shines, a tree will grow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Sadness and Solace

When sadness threatens to overwhelm you, your friends
head for fields of daisies beyond the rainbow and others weep
over tagedies in their family, when your body refuses to
behave as you desire and strength and flexibility fail, look
into the heart of the rose, breathe in the wonder of its scent

her gentle shyly drooping head touches your heart and brings
you hope.

Coaxing a lily into flower totally out of season, can't help but
lift your spirits.

Go into the garden, pick off a few hundred spent rose heads
and see the rosebush glow with gratitude

echoing your lifting spirits with its perfect beauty.

My dear friend Kathie, friend, humanist, birder extrordinair,
poet and painter wrote this poem for me and Renee.

When Arija sings in the morning,
she calls the colours to the day
and the flowers blossom before her
and drive all her troubles away.
Her song is a song of forgivenness
and love to a hurting world,
with harmony filling the daylight
and a melody coaxing the twilight
and poetry flooding the moonlight,
Arija sings in the morning
with a song washing over the world.
Kathie, I thank you sincely and love you dearly. You read
my very soul.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Those of you who visit here regularly will know that
I LOVE ROSES. Yes I do. As Marlene Dietrich used to sing
'I can't help it'.

Here is 'The Spirit of Peace' strutting her stuff because I do
some deep watering during our super dry summer by dribbling
a hose for two hours or so hours in one place near hear root zone
every two weeks.

Amazing what a little water can achieve.
This beauty is 'The Children's Rose', part proceeds go to UNICEF.
She is an incredible continuous flowerer with a lovely scent.

'William Shakespear' lifting his face to the sun, again a superb
scent. All my roses are chosen for scent and repeat flowering
except for just a few and even there I manage t coax a few out
of season blooms out of them.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SkyWatch ~ The Sky, 5 Minutes Ago

This is the tail end of a tropical low that has crossed the continent
from the North coast right down to South Austraia, flooding
parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Centra Australia.

Above, looking West up the hill with a few of my roses in the
right hand corner.

Looking up at the same spot but slightly more towards the South.

Looking directly South it looks like the eye of the storm,

and this is the East with the clouds rising. Unfortunately it
is not even expected that we will get any rain out of this...
a pity, as we could most definitely use some.

All photos directly from the camera without adjustments.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Happiness and Sadnss

Red-hot Pokers, Knipfofia, with their bright red
heads, radiating energy and strength.

Congratulations Canada on your wonderfully successful
Winter Opympics. A great spectacle for all and a real pleasure
to watch, except for the tragedy that marred the first day.

On the homefront, it has been hot, cold, incredibly windy and
very very dry. The garden and I have suffered but nothing to
compare with my dear friend Renee, torn between lingering
and finally letting go. My heart is heavy this Monday evening.

To cheer myself up, I played a little with phtoshop, with
apologies to Jackson Pollock.

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someone else's doorstep.

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