Monday, March 1, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Happiness and Sadnss

Red-hot Pokers, Knipfofia, with their bright red
heads, radiating energy and strength.

Congratulations Canada on your wonderfully successful
Winter Opympics. A great spectacle for all and a real pleasure
to watch, except for the tragedy that marred the first day.

On the homefront, it has been hot, cold, incredibly windy and
very very dry. The garden and I have suffered but nothing to
compare with my dear friend Renee, torn between lingering
and finally letting go. My heart is heavy this Monday evening.

To cheer myself up, I played a little with phtoshop, with
apologies to Jackson Pollock.

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someone else's doorstep.

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  1. It was a good Olympics,of course I may be a little biased because Canada did so well.Hope your weather settles down soon.

  2. Thinking of you dear Arija - and of your dear friend too. Some people find it hard to let go - often people who have been strong characters and put such a lot into their lives. Your knipofia are such a beautiful colour, they certainly lift the spirits.

  3. Sorry to read of about your friend.

    I bought a red hot poker plant at the end of the summer last year. It is supposed to bloom this coming season. Is it native to your area? This is my first one.

  4. ((hugs)) I am praying for your friend, dear one.

    Those wonderful flowers used to grow in my Grandmother's garden. I loved them.

  5. So very sorry to read about your friend, Arija! Lovely photos as always and the knipofia can surely help lift the spirits.


  6. I love red hot pokers. When we moved we weren't able to dig up the pokers so they were left behind.

    They attract hummingbirds and they are such delightful flowers.

    Yes, I agree a job well done Canada!

  7. I love Renee too.

    best wishes to you and I like your pictures today very much.

    Ribbon :)

  8. Gorgeous photos. I hope you get a chance to cool off.

  9. So sorry to hear about Renee. I know she is in a much better place now, and not suffering.
    I certainly hope your weather gets cooler soon, and here we are in the cold and waiting so patiently for some warmth
    Take care Arija.

  10. I recently lost a dear friend. Her lingering phase lasted about three months. You could send me some of your hot weather if you want.

  11. Your flowers are striking ~ so different and unique... and as you wrote filled with strength and energy ~ May these attributes come to you as your heart releases the sadness for your friend ♥

  12. Dear Arija, so very sorry for your loss of friend, for it is with a longing that somehow this life should go on as we have known, and yet, it does not. The flowers are beautiful and I know they bring delight to your heart. I am so anxious to see my flowers, for the winter is long.

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  14. Lovely flower photos! Aren't those colours stunning. Greetings from Italy -

  15. Such gorgeous blossoms!
    I love the "Pollock" you created with them. One of these days I shall have to get Photoshop (I was disappointed that my new Mac did not come with it, unlike a much cheaper laptop my husband got - the IPhoto photo processing tool seems really crude to what I see people do with basic Photoshop).

    I am so sorry about your friend's suffering and yours along. I send you a big comfort hug and love. I have watched my sister having to come to terms to let go, leaving her small children behind. It still tears my heart out thinking of having to leave under such circumstances.

  16. Arija's Song

    When Arija sings in the morning,
    she calls the colors to the day,
    and the flowers blossom before her
    and drive all her troubles away.
    Her song is a song of forgiveness,
    and love to a hurting world,
    with harmony filling the daylight
    and a melody coaxing the twilight
    and poetry flooding the moonlight,
    Arija sings in the morning
    with a song washing over the world.

    For you and Renee, Arija.
    Love Kathie.
    Follow the song.

  17. Superb, vibrant colors, contrast and composition!

    Pixellicious Photos

  18. Hello Arija! Thank you for the BD wishes. It was a lovely one. Yes, our beloved Renee...her name is a pray upon lips around the world. Beautiful photos. **kisskiss** Deb

  19. Both photos are lovely very arty. I have not really followed the winter Olympics.

  20. Great shot of the Red-hot pokers! And the Photoshop treament is colorful. can you imagine what Pollock (or Monet or van Gogh) would have done with PhotoShop? I'm sorry your firend is suffering.

  21. Thanks Arija, for your always kind comments.
    I really like Kniphofia uvaria, I have some in bloom in my garden.
    Have a nice day.

  22. I love what you did playing with photoshop. I'm so sorry your friend is in that hard point near the end of her life.

  23. aloha,

    what beautiful photos, thanks for sharing these today!


  24. Beautiful flowers, very lovely.

  25. A heavy heart..I know what you mean.. I am sorry that the weather is making it more difficult for you and I know of Renee...What a totally special and unique person to have inspired such a loving following and how she touched so many hearts.. That is a gift..I am sending you hugs... Michelle

  26. This sums up my feelings.

    How are you dearest?


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