Monday, March 8, 2010

MY WORLD ~ Sadness and Solace

When sadness threatens to overwhelm you, your friends
head for fields of daisies beyond the rainbow and others weep
over tagedies in their family, when your body refuses to
behave as you desire and strength and flexibility fail, look
into the heart of the rose, breathe in the wonder of its scent

her gentle shyly drooping head touches your heart and brings
you hope.

Coaxing a lily into flower totally out of season, can't help but
lift your spirits.

Go into the garden, pick off a few hundred spent rose heads
and see the rosebush glow with gratitude

echoing your lifting spirits with its perfect beauty.

My dear friend Kathie, friend, humanist, birder extrordinair,
poet and painter wrote this poem for me and Renee.

When Arija sings in the morning,
she calls the colours to the day
and the flowers blossom before her
and drive all her troubles away.
Her song is a song of forgivenness
and love to a hurting world,
with harmony filling the daylight
and a melody coaxing the twilight
and poetry flooding the moonlight,
Arija sings in the morning
with a song washing over the world.
Kathie, I thank you sincely and love you dearly. You read
my very soul.
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for us all to share and enjoy.


  1. Poignant and beautiful words and photographs. I love the poem your friend wrote. The flowers are all so beautiful and the yellow rose makes me think of my mother. She loved yellow roses and I planted a particular yellow rose bush in her memory which never fails to bloom on her birthday, beginning the first year after her death.

  2. March and beautiful (even if cold) weather -- sadness seems so distant, but can be so close.
    Well -- on the photo I can only see the rose, but it is enough to bring hope.

  3. So beautiful Arija. I feel your sadness and the inevitable optimism. Wonderful post.

  4. May you find joy and strength in the beauty of the flowers and in the God who created them.

  5. Such a poignant and lovely poem! I have felt your sadness Arija for some time now and I hope these words and the beautiful flowers bring their joy and beauty into your life and lift your spirits! Have a beautiful week! Much love to you.


  6. Very beautiful flowers and photos!!!!!!1

  7. Beautiful photos, but really spectacular words from who is certainly a dear friend.

  8. Your roses are heavenly and your words are beautiful and sometimes a bit melancholy. The poem is a real tribute to you and Renée. Today was International Women's Day which is for many women in Africa and Asia still very necessary. You and I are so fortunate that we live in a country where men and women are equal.

  9. What a lovely poem written by Kathy! You've illustrated it nicely with your photos.

  10. Moving words to the heart of deliciously fragrant posies adorned my day from your heart far over the ocean waves~

  11. Lovely words to go with your beautiful flowers!

  12. It's nice to see your garden photographs. It's very hard to grow anything where I live, so I'll just enjoy your pictures.

  13. Touching and beautiful. Flowers are a balm to sadness. Company, too.

  14. I'm always so grateful to have visited here, Arija ~
    Such beauty and such beautiful thoughts.

  15. Beautiful words and flowers . A very heartfelt post

  16. Arija: May your soul be helped by these wonderful sites of beauty.

    never forget: the sunrays are touching the deepest hidden little space in our soul.....just go under the sun!
    Thank you for visiting my Tuscany, welcome!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  18. A lovely poem and lovely flowers. Together, they bring to mind the verse, "consider the lilies of the field ...."

  19. Oh Arija, I feel joy and sadness in this post. Your words are so poetic and so does your friend's poem.

    Your flowers are so beautiful and are tended with your loving hands.


  20. beautiful, and congrats to receiving the lovely poem. :)

  21. Arija, I am so glad you liked the poem. It just came to me that night when I visited here and I had to copy and paste it into my own document so I could have a copy! It pleases me to no end to know that it has comforted you and that others have enjoyed the poem too. I sent it out into the world as a newborn poem. Now it is on its own to touch whomever it is suppose to! You are a weaver of comfort yourself and your beauty shines through your blog. Thank you to everyone else who commented and enjoyed my poem. It truly is a gift to Arija and Renee. And Arjia, your photos are perfect!

    I am so sorry that Renee is physically gone from you but I know she is alive in your heart and now forever on your blog!

  22. I am so sorry for your friend Arija, and that poem is just beautiful. I'm so sure she will always be with you in spirit.
    Your Roses are gorgeous.

  23. The roses are beautiful and the poem wonderful. I'm sorry for your sadness and problems. Your blogging friends care about you.

  24. That is a beautiful poem, Arija, and so true. You make healing a gentle process.

    I hope your roses are filling your soul and making you feel better these days.


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