Monday, May 4, 2015

OUR WORLD & Nature Notes - The colours of autumn

Stirling main street transformed from a barren sealed road
wide enough to land a Jumbo jet on
into this magnificent sight that now attracts tourists to it's 
autumn festival.

Forty four years ago a band of conservationist fought 
tooth and nail to preserve the last remaining oaks in the main 
street, against a Council that wanted to create more parking 
places in front of the shops.

Somehow, with getting the media on side,
we got our way and the council consented to us planting
an avenue of Liquid Ambers along the main shopping strip.
My daughter still proudly points to the tree she 
planted as a 10 year old.

This is one of the highest rainfall areas in the state,
where the trees do not lose their leaves until they have
displayed their full glory.

Finally the Council saw sense, built car parks
behind the shops and added beautiful plantings along the road.
Now it is a pleasure to shop and walk there and there is still 
some discreet parking along the roadway.

A perfect place for an autumn ramble and to pop into 
Matilda's Book Shop to pick up a book or three . . .

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  1. Herrliche Herbstfarben, Arija !

  2. Beautiful, colorful Autumn captures, Arija!! Hope you have a great new week!! Enjoy!!

  3. wounderful autumn colours very strong and powerful

  4. Love your autumnal colour. And a book or three? Amazing restraint.

  5. Magnificent. Definitely a win for the people.

  6. How wonderful that your politicians listened to the people. Those trees are gorgeous. We do have some lovely city parks and parklands, so I guess our local politicians are doing well. But not our State legislators.

  7. it was the winter of 1972 those Liquidambar styraciflua [sweetgum to North Americans] were planted but i wasn't ten years old. you, of all people, should know that Ma.

    1. Sorry kiddo, just means the old bat is over the hill and arithmetic has flown out of the window.

  8. such Beauty! So glad you saved them! Beautiful shots!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. A delightful town indeed Arija - thank you for your part in establishing its native beauty. Those autumnal colours are a treat for visitors and locals alike.

  10. Those trees turn the area into an amazing place.I love having trees around,with for shade and then in fall for the color.

  11. Beautiful autumn colors. I do miss that up here in the sub-tropics. Congratulations to all those who had the vision years ago to see how beautiful that street could become.

  12. gorgeous colours, looks just like how it does here :-)

  13. Fall foliage and the promise of books - a perfect day!

  14. I know it makes sense, but seeing pictures of fall while it's spring here just throws me for a loop!

  15. Gorgeous fall colors in your world.

  16. so beautiful. I am glad to hear that the council bowed to public pressure. Have a great week.

  17. this is a beautiful shot. the red and gold.

  18. Gorgeous autumn colours. My favourite time of year.

  19. Beautiful fall color. I didn't think about it being dependent on rain as we have plenty here. Nice that the trees are still there and wonderful that your daughter got to plant one and it is still there... Michelle

  20. Stunning pics. I love the Fall foliage.

  21. What wonderful autumn colours.

  22. I'm enjoying your fall colors a lot! I don't see much color over here in NZ.

  23. I love this kind of autumn! You are right this avenue is glorious! We are having spring, but in spite of all blossoming trees, it is cold. Even when the sun shines.
    Thanks for your comment. You have seen twice of many countries as I. I have never been in the former communist countries in Europe, only in Moscow for a women's conference against nuclear arms.
    Nowadays I try to travel to Australia once a year, or at least every second year.
    Have a great autumn, Arija!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  24. Very beautiful. Autumn is such a special time of the year!

  25. Thanks for your visit again. I have made the quiz a bit easier, and hope that now people will make an attempt to solve the quiz.
    Wil, ABCW

  26. What a delight this is to see, and even more so to wander along at this time of year, I imagine.

  27. Wowwwwwww, so gorgeous! How wonderful to see your hard work grow into something so beloved and beautiful and appreciated. So much better than seeing a row of parked cars. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! xoxo

  28. such a wonderful story
    i am so happy about the outcome
    the trees are gorgeous and make life beautiful
    how wonderful that your daughter planted one of the trees
    a wonderful memory

  29. Such beautiful Autumnal images and so happy that those people saw fit to make the area so pleasurable. It only takes some sound thinking of a few, to make a difference for all. Hugs my friend~

  30. A great (and inspirational) story. It's wonderful that you get to enjoy the benefit of your work. That's a legacy that should endure a long time.

  31. It has been a month since we have heard from our very lovely friend. Just wanted to check in on you. praying you are doing well, just taking a break. Love and Hugs and Blessings!


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