Thursday, June 18, 2015

SkyWatch - Back for a brief post

Autumn came and went, we had a little rain

My granddaughter cut and stacked wood for me

 the lovely apples from my seedling tree were harvested

reflections of opposing windows 
turned my bedroom into a jungle

the cows broke through the fence into the paddock
behind my garden

a last carpet of gold on the way to my plastic surgeon

sorry, no face lift, just a cyst removed from my eyelid
and a doughnut plastered on my face

my globe artichokes have been a dream and are still producing
in the darkest part of the year

and plentiful fruits of the forest . . . yum

my garden keeps me in potatoes, spinach, chard, silver beet,
globe artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes with beetroot, radishes 
and broad beans thriving

even with some very painful and expensive root canal treatments
as well as the death of my 24 year old, much beloved car,

Off to the desert again tomorrow.
Who knows, I may put up another post on my return.

Stay happy and enjoy the life you have.

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  1. So good to see you posting and hear that you are doing fine, despite some health issues. I hope everything's healing well!

    Your photographs, as always, are a joy to behold, each one is special! The cows made me laugh out loud (sorry).
    Wishing you many beautiful moments in each and every day,

  2. So good to see you online!! Hope your eyelid heals quickly!! Great captures for the day as always, Arija!!

  3. Good to hear from you. Hope that each day has something extra special in it for you.

  4. Welcome back.
    Lovely to have a window into your world again.
    Have fun in the desert.

  5. Hope your desert trip is beautiful. You seem to have been busy.

    1. I'm so glad you checked in ;) with us Arija. Seems like your Autumn went by quickly, but it was a good one. The mushrooms and all the prolific gardens . And the wood stacked up and ready as needed. Sorry bout the plastic surgery and the root canal. Never fun, but I'm always glad the doctors are there when needed (like the firewood, just standing by waiting until we need them ;)!

      Have fun on your trip to the desert.

  6. Glad the cows didn't make it into your garden. Hopefully, your eye bandage looks worse than it feels! Ouch! Enjoy the desert, Arija.

  7. A nice post of appreciation. I like your message about enjoying the life you have. I also like the shot of your cows!!

  8. Great series of images. I hope you are doing good now.

  9. Great series of images. I hope you are doing good now.

  10. Very good to see a post my dear friend.... Hugs... Michelle

  11. Seems like you are keeping busy in a very good way harvesting the bounty around you. Hope that eye donut goes away real soon. Enjoy the desert, I did today.

  12. Hello, wonderful series of images! I love the shot of the cows! The eye patch reminds me of my hubby's eye surgeries. It looks like you have had a great harvest. Enjoy your trip, have a happy weekend!

  13. Arija, hello! Breathtakingly beautiful. My my, I love those artichokes. And those mushrooms are gorgeous! Yummmm. Hope your eye heals quickly and perfectly. Have a wonderful time on your trip. I look forward to seeing photos from the desert. xoxo

  14. I'm relieved the cows didn't also break through the fence into your garden. It's lovely to see someone in Australia experiencing and enjoying the seasons.

  15. Oh My goodness, bless your heart and your eye and those silly cows, they meed some signs that tell them where they need to stay ;) I hope you are feeling all better. The apples, are they sweet, or tart? I love a crisp tart apple. Happy weekend with hugs~

  16. Your mushroom harvest looks amazing!

  17. Arjia, so sorry about your face! I do hope you heal well and fast! Lovely pictures, though! Nice to see what you have been up to! I am doing well at the moment though we are trying to move back to Tucson. who knows what will happen! For now, we are still in Maine!


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