Monday, August 1, 2011

MY WORLD ~ Farm Friends

Poor old Goosie, she lost her mate last year and hasn't laid an
egg since . . . at least she can still goose-step and she has struck
up a firm friendship with our last remaining chook (read chicken
if you are in N.America). Both of them have a topknot.

Kelpie enjoying the sunshine

and an orphan rescued by one of my softy granddaughters.
She brings anything lost or hurt home . . . the last thing we
needed was a Billy goat kid, cute though.

Although these are one of our national emblems and very pretty
to look at, they are now in ever increasing numbers and very
destructive to fences.

A couple of happy cows came to say hallo as I passed the paddock

and at the end of the Wild Wood, our black sheep had yet again
had black and white twins.

She was very protective of them and led then away as soon as she
heard me.

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  1. what a sweet bunch of critters! (except maybe that roo!)

  2. You do have some sweet critters, Arija! They do bring so much love and pleasure to our lives!! I've always loved the roos, but then I never had to live with them running loose!! Hope you have a good week, my friend!


  3. Very nice post, I love all the critters. The goat is cute and I love the kangaroo. Wonderful photos.

  4. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. You are surrounded by a wonderful menagerie.

  6. Great captures of animals in the farm field.

  7. I liked strolling the farm with you, Arija. What cute twins the black sheep has!

  8. Your farm looks lovely and green, quite different from those terrible drought years.

  9. What lovely critters - even the roo, but sorry to hear they are too destructive.

  10. Lovely animals! So there's a goose and chook romance going on! Animals always find ways to get partners. That brown cow is a real beauty. I love those deep brown, almost black colours. The billy goat Is very adorable.
    Thanks for your comment. These photos were taken some years ago. Whenever I am in Cooktown I go to Cook's Landing, so it became part of my world.

  11. what a menagerie
    we love our local critters too

  12. My favorite is the goat among the variety of cute critters around you. He is so adorable. Interaction with animals has a way of healing. I love your softy granddaughter. Have happy days ahead.

  13. Hi there - bit of a mixed bag there - all kinds of everything!

    Shame the old Roos do so much damage - still have not really got used to see them.

    Cheers - Stewart M

  14. Lovely animals! Made me think of Skippy TV-series that I watched in childhood.

  15. Great variety here. I like the billy goat. :)

  16. I just wanna say: You have a wonderful blog!

  17. What a great post about all your farm friends. I enjoyed this very much.

  18. Ken Schneider to me

    Thank you, Arija!

    You must have plenty of room in your back yard!


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