Monday, May 13, 2013

OUR WORLD - Autumn Past and Present

Driving to town today to visit my husband, I thought I would 
show you the main street through Verdun, a small settlement 
on my way.

Dense clouds and rain in the distance muted the autumn colours.
My 20 year old car is in the left hand corner of the shot.

The sun was doing it's best to break through

and finally did, to brighten the drenched colourful leaves
I am infinitely grateful for the rain.

Tips of trees over a hedge made a good contrast to the dark sky.

From our last trip together, this time last year,
Martindale Hall near Mintaro
which was the school for the film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'.

Rather a grand pile in this sleepy rural district

it is sad no longer to have anyone to share trips, memories and old age with.

We never know what life will dish up,
we just hope we cope with whatever comes our way.


  1. FAAAABULOUS reds!! Even though we are in the same state, I'm still up north and it's WEIRD to see mist, fog and autumn colours!! I'm sorry you're feeling melancholy and hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Arija, thank you for this wonderful autumnal symphony, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Yes, one never knows what the future brings. I hold you dear in my heart and hope there's a door that will open for you.

  3. The fall colors are luscious. Sure glad you got some rain.

  4. a beautiful street and trees. i know it is bittersweet.

  5. What beautiful colors and wonderful captures for the day, Arija! Like the others, I do know what a bittersweet time this is for you and I hold you in my heart as always. Much love to you.

  6. Dear Arija, I send you a big hug. I only wish I could do more as even though I can only imagine right now how you must be feeling, none of us knows what is around the corner. I will be thinking of you.

    Your photos are lovely by the way, all those beautiful autumn colors. Even though we are going through our spring it's very chilly this morning, only 46 deg. F. We have been away this weekend spending our time with family down south and they tell us it is even colder where they are.

  7. That is a beautiful place, I love the autumn colors.

  8. It's a very pretty drive. I'm sorry that you can't share these things with your husband any more and wish I could give you a big hug. love and prayers from here.

  9. YOu saw some fabulous fall colors, Arija - and thank goodness for the moisture. Yes, old age is not for sissies (I hear).

  10. What a lovely place. We are supposed to be in spring, but we expect frost tonight. I am worried about my garden.
    I am sorry you are not with your husband.
    Cheers from Cottage CountryPerth, ON, Canada!

  11. Sorry Arija, It must be awful for you. These shots are a delight to the eye, beautiful autumn colours. Have a lovely day. You are right though, you never know what life has in store for you.

  12. Wonderful Fall color Arija. I am sorry you can no longer share with your dear husband; so many changes as we get older. It isn't easy.

  13. The rain has been lovely. My autumn leaves are mostly a no show with the dry summer.
    Thinking of you.

  14. so wonderful to see your world. the colors of the trees are GORGEOUS!

    lovely autumn to you ~

  15. Great fall colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  16. Arija, what beautiful photos in memory of your beloved.

  17. Arija, the Autumn trees are beautiful.. I do love the colors of Autumn. Lovely shots, have a happy week!

  18. Arija, we thank you for sharing your memories with us. Thank you so much for a look at your little corner of the world! It's just beautiful. Hang in there! Sending you another hug! Thank you for all the kind comments and encouragement you leave on my blog!

  19. I love the autumn colours.Yes,life is not always how we would like it to be,but we must carry on.

  20. Gorgeous tree lined street with beautiful colors!

  21. Autumn is such a wonderful time of year - and I loved the street scenes. Thank you. Last year we traded our car in as it had reached voting age - I am glad we are not alone there.
    Sharing things - the memories and the beauties around is so hard to lose. My heart is with you.

  22. Lovely memories ... Yes, journey of life takes unexpected turns, never the way we want it to be! We got to be strong and stay positive and look forward to better things in life. Have a happy week ahead :)

  23. Great colours - I'm glad I got out on Sunday to take the images in the leaves - it has rained today, and now they are a soggy mess! Not as much fun!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  24. It's great to have memories of shared trips to look back on.

  25. What a beautiful avenue of autumn colour! Great pics.
    And referring to your comment on my blog about my mum - i had a look at Kathryn Grayson and I think you are right - especially the b/w smiling ones. Thanks for pointing it out:) And thank you for your visit too!

  26. Look at that road! Beautiful and colourful perspectives. Wonderful building too.

  27. Dearest Arija,
    Wonderful autumn color in the avenue♡♡♡ We are having sunny days before going into rainy season; it is great to see the different atmosphere of the season.
    BTW, my city has sister-city ties with New Castle city and I have many lovely memory there and your country(*^_^*) 
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  28. As my elder friend likes to remind me, "Old age is not for sissies." May you have beautiful memories to match the beautiful scenery.
    Peace Out,

  29. Wow. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around autumn in May.

  30. Sveicināta Ārija!
    Rudens Jūsu pusē arī ir tik skaists! Brīnišķīgas fotogrāfijas

  31. That building would make a cool bachelor pad......

  32. Lovely autumn photos! Having a loving companion by your side always makes the experience better. Thank goodness for the memories!

  33. they say it is "not what life does to us, but how we deal with what life does to us".
    Beautiful images. I wish you a happy path ahead into the future.
    and Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day.

  34. These are beautiful photos - the colors of the trees are wonderful, and the feel of rain clouds & sun, two things we depend on, make them so rich.
    Your seasonal photos and sentiments on the seasons of life remind me of a favorite song - from the cartoon movie of Charlotte's web, which my kids used to watch when they were small. (For me, I'm adjusting to days alone as all of my children venture away from the nest.)
    "He turns the seasons around
    and so she changes her gown
    Yet they always look in their prime.
    They go on dancing their dance
    of everlasting romance,
    Mother Earth and Father Time.
    How very special are we,
    for just a moment to be
    part of Life's eternal rhyme.
    How very special are we
    to have on our family tree
    Mother Earth & Father Time.

    Warm thoughts sent your way, Arija.

  35. The road acroos my house has both sides lined with yur beauiftul red leaves. I had 3 glorious week in Oz.


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